Membership for your kids

It would be grand if discounted membership rates were available for One’s Adult kids just getting started. When you add up the fees and classes just to get a concealed carry permit it’s quite a chunk of $$.
My kid is moving out and bought a home, i want them to be covered asap. Of course i want them to become involved with using their revolver and know the laws, get trained and learn situational awareness, all these new costs of home ownership are cha ching out the ying yang, if uscca can offer a spouse discount why not a adult kid? Ty


I understand where you are coming from. But I still pay for my daughter’s membership/training/CC permit. Plus she has 2 trained K-9’s. It helps me sleep better.


Memberships make great gifts. :slight_smile:

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Yes it does make a great gift, disabled fixed income kinda makes it hard on me to find something else to cut corners on. Maybe someday uscca will offer family rates, peace.

Lawd Have Mercy buying a home now omg, hell they darn near charge you to look at you, it’s insane

This is probably the absolutely worst time to be a buyer.


Hi, actually we got it locked in before the interest rate went up which is about the only solud good thing about this whole process, monday the signature then the keys are handed over. Then a fence install & security system. We had a family member in the bank so we got the rate locked in for sure. Personally I think it’s because the new home is across the river in another state, and two different sers of regs, it’s really insane to think that one bridge can become such a game changer