Medicinal Marijuana

And one last time, lacking empathy in 2012 in Arkansas.


Yes @Ken38 it looks like we are both missing things in each other’s posts. @Smiddy is not trying to justify using “just a little weed” for recreational purposes. He is asking about MEDICAL use. I also was prescribed opioids upon returning from the sandbox so am quite used to people’s holier than thou attitudes with regard to addiction. I have had to get by on otc nsaids after surgeries b/c I couldn’t risk a return to my old ways.
Again- it is hard to get nuance across in text only communication.
FYI- as this is an open forum, you may not want to share others pics & stories. Anonymity etc…

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Listen up…if I didn’t OWN the copyrights to those pics and have signed permissions from the people in them…who begged me to help them after everyone else declined…btw…I would not have posted them.

Good to hear. I would hate for a fellow member to get in trouble over something that silly.

Yessir I sure have, but to no avail.

I completely know what you mean about that pain level. I went for years with mine no less than 6, often at 9, until the first morphine pump in 2011. 3 months after the implant when it had been filled with medicine, my pain dropped to an average 3-4, and that improved my quality of life by 200%.

Anyway, CBD products - they’re not standardized as are THC containing legal-in-state stuff, kind of like melatonin brands don’t contain the same actual amounts regardless of labeled mg, so it’d be a hit and miss trial deal if one runs across a CBD that helps. Another issue I have is, the area where the pain is located, it is hypersensitive. So, even creams hurt.
Lastly on personal info, my pain is classified as an autoimmune disorder, RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), meaning my system automatically kicks off pain signals 24/7, the only variance being the level.
Due to the nature and location (hand) of the burn injury, things are simply very, very complicated. So, if by chance MM is ever made to not interfere with 2A, I will definitely vape some up to see if any of it works for this. Until then, well, so sad too bad. I’ll continue to deal cause that’s the only acceptable option in my book.
And yeh, I am a “to the letter of the law” type LoL.

What you actually apparently lack is the ability to directly address the OP, and my simple request for those here who would, to please support MM in their state.

What you clearly do not lack is a high level of “judgemental,” and I sense “holier than thou” coming through as well.

In re: to this, I simply and humbly ask, please get your panties out of a wad and harden up. The world can figure out how to administer any substance such as MM without it being “all of that” you mention. I’m sorry you’ve obviously dealt with some messed up stuff, but as with guns, it is the person on the pipe, not the gun who does irresponsible things sometimes, and they negatively impact, sometimes kill others. But please, lay the blame where it goes.
You speak of “sin,” how about personal responsibility? Self-discipline, restraint, control? The sin isn’t the substance, it is gluttony and misuse.

I started this post as a simple “ask for support” from a group with whom I have much in common. At this point, I wish I had not.
I thank those of you who have politely discussed the topic with me.
For those who have erroneously judged me, without even knowing me as a man, well…
Adios a todos


It should be obvious to anyone who has followed this topic that you are a man of integrity. My evidence?
1, you served your country.
2, are refusing to break a law that not only you, but a majority of Americans disagree with, no matter how much it may help you personally.
3, are asking for community support rather than crying into your cereal about how unfair life is.
4, keep your head held high, regardless of the flack from the peanut gallery.
I am glad you started this topic. Lord knows how many other people could benefit from the studies you are hoping for.


Ok, I am Very confused here. Is Gun ownership a right? I mean this seriously, I don’t think it is a right. If it IS a right then how can they “negate” it? If it IS a right then how can it be taken? I cannot believe I even have to ask… but seriously. All other things aside…Yes weed is illegal Federally, Yes it’s legal in my state otherwise, NOT THE QUESTION… the question is… IF IT IS A RIGHT,( in theory) IT CANNOT BE TAKEN!! that is the point of claiming GOD GIVEN RIGHTS!! So, We as a country have given up that right and pretend to still have it. When in fact it is long gone ( well, before my time anyway.) so, seriously, Is gun ownership a right?

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I covered that issue previously. No, it is not “legal” in your state as the federal laws still apply. Also, states typically do not “allow” you to possess over a certain amount, so all they did is decriminalize your possession and use of an amount the state does not want to be bothered prosecuting. But get caught with a pound of it, and you will receive a very severe penalty. Furthermore, if you are in possession of Marijuana and a firearm, it is a felony crime.

The RKBA is an inalienable right; it is an extension of our Natural Right to self-defense. Every living thing has an innate ability to defend itself. Read the writings of our Founding Fathers related to our rights. Inalienable rights pre-exist government and the law of Man. Jefferson stated that even without the 2A guaranteeing our right, we would still have it. Government can pass a law making firearm possession and self-defense illegal, but that does not mean that you do not have the right. That would be like the government stating you are not “allowed” to breathe without a permit/license or paying some fee or tax.


With the prices of everything having gone up in past 12 months, it would nearly not surprise me if the current administration tried to somehow try to acquire a say in my right to breathe so they could get a few bucks out of that too.

Already, if Iegally carry a firearm, or wish to legally buy one, I am not, per federal law, permitted to breathe air that contains any THC, whether I justifiably need it for a medical condition caused by service to country or not. So hmmm. Sometimes things like this make me wonder if I’m a victim of my own honor, but that would seem oxymoronic…

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Everyone seems to forget that Jesus hung out with sinners, prostitutes and drunks. Why? They need the gospel and prayer more than anyone else.

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Then they wonder why a lot of us disabled veterans become heroin addicts or suicidal.

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If you listened to the NYSRPA vs Bruen Supreme Court case today some of those judges stomped all over the founding fathers.

Because “they,” whom make the laws from what they really believe to be the higher moral ground, have never walked in our combat boots.
Those particular issues are indeed a big concern with injured vets, and I hate that it is, especially after having personally navigated the maze that is the VA system.
The one thing I know for certain is, ya need to keep a copy of every last record related to an injury or the SOB’s will try to weasel out of holding up their end of the contract…I’ve never dealt with a more jacked up system in my life. Personally think VA services should be moved from VA facilities to civilian providers who actually have a clue.
Here’s a brief example : I had a traumatic burn injury in a confined space, and as a result, am essentially claustrophobic. While having part of an eye exam at a VA hospital, was in a dark 8x8 or so room, door closed, while dude did his tests on my eyes. I started feeling the walls close in, told him so. He says, “come on, you can get through it.” I got up, walked out, took a stroll up and down the hall, went back, sat down, finished the test. When I got an email asking for an eval of services, I informed them…what did I get? My glasses showed up in 4-5 business days instead of 10-15. Woo hoo. I hope to hell they paid attention to and actually corrected the employee. Seriously, what if I had just wigged out and got violent or something? Some guys are prone to such. I’m not thank God.

It just sucks because it’s going to get a lot worse here pretty soon. They’re about to push the booster shot mandates so the VA staff manpower is going to be even less.

Which is yet another reason for tge movement: “Do Not Comply.”
A fed judge in LA struck Bidens mandates in I think 13 states yesterday. He’s out of line. Dude can’t simply write law from oval office…as for mandates, just as soon as anyone TELLS me I have to do something, it will not happen by my hand
Of the people by the people for the people.
NOT, For the rich weasels in office, by their co-weasels, for their collective maintenance of political clout and a tax dollar salary.

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There’s a lot of great second amendment movements going that is making them pump the brakes but the Globalists will never win over America. We The People are too stubborn, brazen and fearless. If we don’t advocate for the second amendment the next generation will be screwed more than mine already is.

I just live with the pain everyday which pushes me to advocate all day. I spam every second amendment group and will continue until everyone’s rights are restored. Hopefully the SCOTUS case of NYSRPA will set a great precedent but the current GRAM act bill has a great chance with the tenth amendment of the Bill of Rights