Meanwhile Up North; same old same old! (Another deadly weekend in Chicago)

Truly self-explanatory: :no_mouth:

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Chicago is just running off the rails.

CPD also shared that over the last 18 months of those arrested with gun charges, a third were re-arrested and some were re-arrested on another gun charge.

Why are they back out to be rearrested?

When I lived in CA, one of the things I think they did that was effective was the three strikes law. While it was not always fairly applied, and that could be done better, it did take the repeat violent offenders off the streets.

My ex worked for the power company and there were neighborhoods they wouldn’t service for outages at night for fear of being shot. After 3 strikes had been the law for a while, that problem stopped.

Clearly what they’re doing in Chicago isn’t working, new strategies are needed.

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But, but, but, Governor Pritzker said we don’t have mass shootings like El Paso and Dayton. That’s why, I don’t go to Chicago.


he said that??! WTHeck is he smoking?

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Welcome to Chicago :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

:+1: 100% agreed.
I visit Chicago only when there is no other option…

You’ve probably seen EMERGENCY entrance on video… imagine what… I saw bullet holes on these windows few times in the past… isn’t that crazy? :rage:


Chicago out did the two mass shootings. And they have the strictest gun laws so it must be the safest place in the country.


But… but… but… that’s not what’s getting the 24/7 news cycle… :unamused: :thinking:
Could that have anything to do with the narrative the news media thinks works for their agenda? :face_with_monocle: :zipper_mouth_face: :angry:


You think they have an agenda? No, it does not fit the agenda unless they are talking about the lax gun laws in sister states. But let’s face it, the death toll in Chicago isn’t news anymore.


I find it interesting that the gun control folks say that the lack of strong gun laws in Indiana and other states around Illinois let the people get the guns that cause the carnage in Chicago. But, by that logic, the blood would be ankle deep in the states with less gun control.

You just can’t pass a law that will prevent what someone ‘might’ do.

@MikeBKY I know the death toll in Chicago is not news, but it should be! Hundreds of people each year, for many years. So sad.


Also, their own logic makes another argument for us. They break Chicago laws with the type and capacity of guns, and if they buy a pistol in Indiana, that’s a violation of federal laws. Proving that criminals don’t care what laws they break.