Meanwhile, in San Francisco

Things are going great in San Francisco. They’re putting their resources in all the right places. Take the following story, for example. The SFPD is having their “Stunt Driving Response Unit,” and their “Traffic Company” investigate.

This, my friends, is good news for those of us who carry, because apparently gun laws in the liberal state of California aren’t nearly as oppressive as we’ve all been led to believe. Otherwise, they’d have a much more serious unit than “Traffic” looking into this incident. Right?


Ahh, San Francisco… City with an app to tell you how to avoid the human poop in the streets, and no prosecution of shoplifting as long as it is under $950. What could go wrong?

I see that was from Fox news, has to be fake. There are NO assault weapons in CA, they were banned no? :crazy_face:


Wonder if she’s a better aim than their officers. Still laugh at this one from 2018. 65 shots, 15 seconds…no injuries :rofl:
Lived in SF back in 79-80, homeless for awhile. Good psychology lessons living on the streets…Went back 7 years ago, took my son through the tenderloin after dark. He did well. (Look through, not at, don’t change stride or game face etc…). We actually “parted the sea” one spot.
Better than my first day there in '79 when I ran after a '65 Impala yelling “hey, your wheels are falling off” only to have 5 Mexican guys stare at me like I was a loco gringo as the car started bouncing up and down. My first low rider :joy:


But the trash cans will solve ALL their problems.


You know, now that I think about it, new trash cans ARE the solution! Pure genius! I suspect they will also balance California’s budget as well.


I’m seeing people leave California and take their messed up idealogy to other states and screw them up i.e., Texas…it would be nice to have a fence on the Arizona/NV border and just North of San Fran.


Long live the Republic of TEXAS!