Maybe sooner than we think?

Biden made a fool of himself in front of the.
world and his own party has affirmed it.
China, Russia, Iran and N. Korea must have noticed the ol’ boy’s cornbread wasn’t done in the middle.
There is already war in Ukraine and the Middle East. If China wants a bite out of Taiwan and/or the PI or S. Korea, I’d suspect it’ll take that bite sooner rather than later when Trump likely wins (thinking like the Chinese and N. Koreans might be thinking.).
Also nothing rally’s the country behind a President than when War is declared (thinking like Biden’s handler might be thinking.)
This is *no bueno. *


Don’t know. All the more reason for Biden to win, and maintain the status quo.

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Everyone except apparently the left leaning media has known for a long time about Biden’s significant decline. This is certainly not new intel to our adversaries.

If I was one of our enemies I would wait till after the election if I wanted to make a move. No matter who wins the other side’s supporters will likely be pissed and there will be agitators looking to get them out in the streets and causing mayhem. That would make for the perfect distraction.

I would be more concerned about your second theory of Biden and his handlers viewing armed conflict as a campaign saving device. Biden has always been a NeoCon in Democrats clothing. I’m pretty sure he has voted for and strongly supported every war he possibly could. He has also taken no steps to keep us from getting further pulled into conflicts in Ukraine and the Middle East. Getting into armed conflicts has saved more than a few failed leaders from getting the boot.


Just one thought. The left has known all about Biden’s decline all along. They are simply liars who will do anything for power. That is what Communists do. They lie and they take the rights of the citizens away.

It is time to wake up the American people and help them see what we are fighting. It is a global group of elitists trying to take America down and to get rid of our Constitution and 2A rights. Biden, Obama, the Clintons, and (yes) the Bushes are all part of it. Trump, Bannon, Navarro, and the J6 hostages are standing between them and us. It is time to rally behind our leaders and understand how serious this is.


Biden’s response about the aid going to Ukraine coming from US industries I find troubling.
If weapons were sent before Russia invaded, there probably wouldn’t be a war and the carnage.
Biden chose not to strengthen Ukraine but dole out weapons too little and too late.
What US industries didn’t profit from (building up Ukraine military assets) US industries according to Biden, are making up for in the long run over time and the resulting carnage.
Biden seems to be proud of this and appears to be using the same playbook with Taiwan.


I am thinking it may be too late as the sheep pxxxxx need to git their head out of the sand With all the miss info going on we are doomed if the election goes bad, and it still may be too late

Bite me is only sending our best weapons over there to build up a stockpile to leave for Russia to study to Improve their weapons when he commands the sudden withdrawal.


I see a huge amount of US armament at Taiwan