Maybe Controversial - My Daily Radio Menu

I’m working 100% from home - Engineering design and drafting. While working I listen to talk radio with a little metal/acid rock mixed in.
This is my typical radio menu:
Armstrong and Getty
Clay Travis and Buck Sexton
Sean Hannity
Mark Levin

I know I know it looks really right wing, I don’t swallow hook line a sinker all of what these guys have to say. I find I’m in agreement with most of them 70-75% of the time.


I considere myself a Constitutional Absolutist Libertarian. However; in the last 2 years the socio-political landscape has shifted so far to the Left that my media consumption habits make me look like a Right Wing Hardliner. I don’t vote or feel that way. But society has lost its ever-loving mind.


I couldn’t do talk radio when working. It’s Pandora music all day.


I can’t do talk radio at all. It’s not because I think they’re a bunch of extremist MAGA right-wing neo-fascist whatever AOC calls them, it’s just that I find the format quite dull. They pick up one topic and repeat themselves over and over again until a long, long commercial break for things I don’t want.

Then they’ll invite guests on to repeat what they’ve already said. Or worse yet, invite guests on to present opposing views and then scream at them the entire time. Or even worse yet, allow listeners to call in and fumble around trying to agree with the host (and callers always feel the need to repeat their entire point as if we didn’t hear them the first time).

You can probably tell that I have listened to talk radio. It’s just that I can’t handle the medium, anymore. I’d rather stream something interesting. There are a lot of good podcasts and YouTube presentations that will get me through a long car trip.


Driving to/from work used to be rock radio. Then, a friend introduced me to podcasts using my smartphone.
My life’s never been the same.


You need to try Soca, Reggae and Dancehall, with a bit of Techno mixed in - far better.

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I’ll try them at work. I’m ok with reggae since I grew up listening to Clapton’s cover if I Shot the Sheriff. I’m also a fan of The Police which has hints of reggae.

Soca? I didn’t know Who Let The Dogs Out falls under that genre. I’ve seen enough episodes of Death in Paradise so I think I’m ok with Soca too.

Dance hall and techno? I may be too old to listen. :upside_down_face:

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I enjoy trance, techno, some screamo. I, pretty much, like anything that gets over 100 BPM. There is an artist on YouTube that I really enjoy. They do covers of popular pop songs and “Rockify” them.


I was not aware of that either - sounds nothing like SoCa (Soul Calypso that incorporates several styles of music). Bunji Garlin is the king of Soca and Patrice Roberts is the heir apparent queen of Soca.