Mattel revisited


Ahhhh memories…

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Hearing that belt escape 6 belt loops was like hearing a shotgun being racked!

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The best part was " come here"

Nope, best part being handed flashlight and pocketknife and being told to go cut your own switch

  1. Not to sturdy they just beat you down with it.
  2. Not to flexible, that was like a buggy whip.
  3. Not to easy to break or you had to go get another or worse they would go get another one ( we call them logs now).
  4. Definetely, nothing with thorns or knots on it

A pocket knife & a flashlight I’d be in the boyshome by morning

I grew up in foster homes and boys homes. Never graduated High School, could only take so much abuse and away, I would go. Got my GED and scored so well on it and the ASVAAB that all 4 branches recruiters in my town were drooling to sign me. Only good things my male donor did was provide genetic material and sign the paper work so I could join military at 17.5


That’s great. I had a friend in my SW section that got his high school diploma while on active duty. He’s an HVAC technician now. Good man.