Matching or Similar .22LR for each sidearm I own

This is exactly why my lovely wife and I own a .22LR pistol that matches either exactly or as closely as possible to every other sidearm we own. Now open for your thoughts and opinion…


It’s a good idea. Either a closely matching gun, or a .22 conversion for your carry gun. And there are some great options out there.

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You must be rich!
Do you have a daughter?
Would she like to meet my son?

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I wouldn’t say rich, but I make a fair wage and have no debt to deal with.

Yes, I have a daughter. Married with two children. Sorry.

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Regardless, .22’s are just fun. I have a baker’s dozen .22 handguns alone! Its not possible to match each of my centerfires, but they are great training anyway.


I forgot about that little pocket pistol Ruger 22. Now, I have to find one available for purchase! :grin::+1:t5::+1:t5:

Thanks @Fish


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