Maryland Rest Areas - Wear and Carry

I’m currently going through the process of getting a non-resident Maryland wear and carry permit. This permit allows for both open and concealed carry of a pistol.

In class, they mentioned that carry in highway rest areas was prohibited.

The MD State Police web site also states that it’s prohibited and references COMAR The State Police website states, under, “Where are Firearms Prohibited?”

“…In State Highway Rest Areas, unless properly secured within vehicle (COMAR”

COMAR is part of the Maryland Department of Transportation code referring to the State Highway Administration, Control and Use of Rest Areas and states, in its entirety:

“The display or discharge of firearms, pellet guns, B-B guns, and fireworks of any kind is prohibited.”

How does this statute, which prohibits display and discharge, apply to concealed carry of a firearm?

I’m sure the instructor’s in the class took the list of prohibited places from the MD State Police licensing web site. Are there test cases that implicate concealed carry as display? Is there some other, non-statutory, regulation that applies?


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Here is what I found:

Where are Firearms Prohibited?

Restriction on the wear, carry and transport of handguns and firearms in certain places appear throughout Maryland law and regulations. Below are statutes and regulations detailing the handgun and firearm restrictions. This list should not be considered all-inclusive.

  1. On school property (CR 4-102)

  2. Within 1,000 feet of a demonstration in a public place (CR 4-208)

  3. In legislative buildings (SG 2-1702)

  4. Aboard aircraft (TR 5-1008)

  5. In lodging establishments where the innkeeper reasonably believes individuals possess property that may be dangerous to other individuals, such as firearms or explosives (BR 15-203)

  6. On dredge boats, other than two 10 gauge shotguns (NR 4-1013)

  7. In or around State-owned public buildings and grounds (COMAR

  8. On Chesapeake Forest Lands (COMAR

  9. In State Forests (COMAR

  10. In State Parks (COMAR

11. In State Highway Rest Areas, unless properly secured within vehicle (COMAR

  1. In community adult rehabilitation centers (COMAR

  2. In child care centers, except for small centers located in residences, firearms may not be kept on the premises​ ​(COMAR 13A.16.10.04)​


You need a Maryland lawyer for a definitive answer.


It would be easier if Maryland would simply list the 5 places a person can carry a firearm.


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I couldn’t imagine stopping at a rest area along any highway without my EDC on me, might as call them Victim Rest Areas


That’s one reason I love my RV. I stop and have no need to get out in states that don’t honor my permits or are actually free. They don’t get my gas, food, or tourist money.

Most fun is giving “president Biden boulevard” the finger in PA the past 2 years.