MarkinMT Introduction

Apologies, I forgot to introduce myself yesterday!

From my username, you probably deduced that I am in Montana. You would be correct! I have been carrying for a long long time, and a CCW holder for over 2 decades. I take classes when I can, and as many different people/places as I can. I regularly compete, mostly in 3gun (or Multi-gun if you prefer). I have also done High Power, Bowling Pins, and USPSA (still do now and then). I have owned, carried, and competed with a lot of different platforms. It took me a while to get into my head that I should compete and carry with the same platforms!

I like to chat about a range of topics. Been a reloader for 40+ years. I hunt, mountain bike, hike, camp (tent and RV), and ski in the backcountry. I detest bugs, so yes, I love winter! Luckily bug season is short here in the north hinterlands.


Welcome to the site. There are tons of knowledgeable people on here.


Welcome @MarkinMT


Welcome! @MarkinMT

Come on in, the water’s fine.

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