March Forth

No, that’s not a typo. Ever since I was little I liked the day March 4th. Why? On March 4th, I think “Today is the day to March forth” either into something I was procrastinating against or stop doing a bad habit.

What will you March Forth from / to today?

Yes, I’ve always been a little punny.


No problem. I will just wait for May… :smiley:


Today @NANCY8 went Marching Forth to canvass registered voters in Dist. 1 to introduce herself
because she is running for a County Board position. I followed her in the car and called out house numbers. No I wasn’t paid $15.00 per hour like Bernie Sanders campaign workers. :roll_eyes: I did get 2 fish sandwiches from Arby’s w/fries. :rofl:


Oh man, and the Quid Pro Quo continues! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I marched forth until I fell into my therapy pool and swam a mile and then I marched forth to a hot shower cause I was cold from all the marching forth.


I like to play on words too :slight_smile: march on…

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It’s was my grandpa’s birthday today and his son’s birthday [my dads] birthday would be tomorrow. Good times in short… NO regrets, I think some of the best times me and grandpa had was on his bdays.

I will march forth with my education both with firearms and school studies despite recent struggles with both in where want to be.

Speaking of bad habits, I’m trying to lay down cigarettes. The sad story there is quite one time for over two years but…


Hey Randall, you can quit again! I stopped for 3 yrs, started back & smoked another 25+ yrs then finally quit again. The end of April will be 5 yrs, and I’ll never start back. You can do it. Best wishes…


Wow! I needed that!

I’ve always heard it was harder the 2nd time.
Any tips @Jane2? && Thank you for sharing.

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I will March forth to being the man my wife and children look for me to be as I look back and realize that what I thought of as manhood, they saw as anger and aggression. There is hope and healing in the hearts of loved ones.