Mantisx Holster Draw

Will someone please post an optimized view of the holster draw. Enclosed is a view of my holster draw.

The MantisX has improved everything about my pistol shooting. Glock 19 Gen5, Trijicon

Sweetwater Saddlery Holster highly recommended.


I have a mantisx and it is an amazing product. I was inspired to get one based on the USCCA’s story about it from shot show.


Welcome brother Mike to our family

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Thank you Johnnyq60

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Forgive my ignorance, but what am I looking at, and how did you get the path lines?

Is there an explanation somewhere of what the graph means? I can’t understand that image. Is the image showing left/right up/down? or is it showing forward/backward up/down? The bar chart image I can understand pretty easy…

@Mike97 - Welcome to the forum and glad you are here.

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