Mandatory vaccines Will you comply

I don’t know about flu, but Russians who were so mentally ill that they didn’t like socialism, received mandatory medicines.


In case folks forgot what Integrity, Compassion and Respect look like. Any private business or official making a statement short of this example is the opposite of Integrity, Compassion and Respect.


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[45IPAC],I agree totally with what you are saying,the last round of vaccinations I had was before shipping to NAM in 64, when I was discharged in 65 the only pill i took for 6 months was the Malaria pill,i didnt even know the name of it until this year,we just called it the Malaria pill,and to this day I have never taken another vaccine and will never take it,in all these years have not got the flue, I take vitamin C,D and Zinc and feel fine


Interesting how “The Authorities” never talk about the benefits of taking care of ones self. We talked about that a lot at the gym, why close gyms when the people that are least at risk are the young and the ultra healthy. Those young fighters exercise both cardio and strength and god knows diet and caloric intake are obsession’s especially when weigh in get close…

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Big pharma has been making less and less every year since the early 2000’s. Due to liabilities and costs of testing they are a business that has been trending DOWN since then. Call me what you want, to me this is clearly a move for big pharma from old pharma(pills) to new pharma(vax). All when the whole time balance and cheap natural remedies have, in my humble opinion, been the answer. I will not be complying and our sheriffs will be a key.


Will you comply?

I’d like to redirect your attention to one of the Left’s favorite and ubiquitous bumper stickers:



I didn’t want to until president * deceived he would fire all of us government contractors who were not vaccinated. At 73 it would be near impossible to find another job paying this much for the very little amount of work that I am called upon to actually do.

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This would be considered coercion and a clear violation of the Nuremberg Code. It’s probably too late but might you have been able to force their hand. Force them to fire you. If they had, and they probably wouldn’t have, you’d be eligible for unemployment at the least and most likely a lawsuit. Easy for me to say I know. They are a bunch of population controlling, man made climate changing(daarpa), fear mongering, lying, globalists who are freaking out because they are slowly losing the control they’ve had over this planet for centuries. The fact that their making all of these power moves shows their losing their cool. That actually makes me happy. Only a calm mind can make sound decisions.


I get tired of being called an anti-vaxer, and being told I don’t understand science, 1. It’s not a vaccine, check Webster’s not the CDC. 2. Science got us here, they were not trying to find new uses for soy sauce at the lab in Wuhan.


To paraphrase Al Capone, being a medical charlatan with all repressive power of the state works better than being a charlatan alone.

I will NOT be getting the vaccine… because I have already had a agent orange related heart attack…

and I have enough health problems on top of that… also…

read some of the emails and responses to the media… in the following link…

I wouldn’t get it if it were mandated. I’ve already had it as I work in healthcare - side effects lasted about 10 hours the next day, and I was just a little tired. I don’t feel the nanobots attaching themselves to my brain stem. But for some inexplicable reason, I keep buying Microsoft stock. Why is that???

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Something tells me that military personnel who refuse the clot shot will be hit with more that dishonorable discharge.

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Absolutely not. We have been lied to by politicians and MSM since the start of this. We don’t know what is really in the vaccine and what the long term effects are. My question is if the of the politicians is to protect us from covid than why are we sending our children back to the classroom vs virtual learning. I will be the first to say that virtual learning was not good compared to being in the classroom, but last year it was reported that very few children contracted covid, yet schools were shutdown. Now all we hear is that children are very susceptible the Delta variant, yet schools are open! The only rule in most states is mandatory wearing of masks, which is not safe. If you can smell an odor through your mask, it is not effective in stopping covid virus which is a much smaller particle than odor molecules. How are we keeping our children safe by sending them back to school with just a mask. Now they are pushing vaccinating our children as young as 5 when the long term effects are unknown. These “free” shots are not free, our tax dollars are paying for them and big pharma is making millions to billions of dollars in profit. Could that be a motive for mandatory vaccination?

The people in Washington who are pushing us to get vaccinated may not have taken it themselves.

Just because they say they are vaccinated does not mean they have actually done so. I have a feeling that sometimes the people in Washington do not tell us the truth. Does anyone else have that feeling?

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This apparently is what our troops have to answer. Who came up with this, Holy Inquisition?