Mandatory vaccines Will you comply

Thank you, @Robert15.

And this is even more significant when you consider that adverse reactions to the Covid jab are actively under reported.

I have been researching that job market for a while. In the immediate, there isn’t a quick solution, that doesn’t send me to a worse job, that would still be a mandatory vaccine. I’m working on furthering my education. Even with that, the employment in my area, would still have resulted in mandatory vaccination. It is what it is at this point.

Check this out,:

Plus , folks less than 60 in the UK that are vaccinated are dying at more than 50% greater than unvaccinated.

Reference on request

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Hmmm, that seems to be the science no one is telling you to follow :smirk:
I love that “follow the science” line coming from idiots who don’t understand what science often is. Experimentation.

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Exactly! The basis of science, is to constantly question the problem, until it can be canonized as fact. Then, question the methods that determine what the facts are.

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I’m presently convinced that the vaccine is a means of taking profit. Big Pharma was handed a goldmine, the mainstream media indirectly and directly shills the vax through fearmongering (Hospitals are now full, nurses unable to dance for tiktok) and demonizing anyone who holds out against it (Unless YOU take it, my vax doesn’t work). Furthermore, they were given a green light to rush a release, normal vaccines take years to develop and require ($$$) to pay RnD manhours, this one took months. Free advertising, government coercion, and reduced RnD ($$$) means bank was made. High Echelon members of Pfizer and Moderna dumped stock at highs too.

I am also convinced that vaccines do have side effects that are being covered up. Referring to issues of heart inflammation or menstrual issues in women.

  • All medication has side effects, when was the last time a commercial for a pharmaceutical did not list side effects (Side effects may include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea…). Pfizer, JnJ, Moderna have lost plenty of lawsuits regarding their other products and were ordered to pay a paltry sum for damages, an amount much less than what they made. Why is this time any different. There may even be a time where you can enter in a class action lawsuit against big Pharma for the covid vaccine a few years from now.

  • There is so much damage control the media does for them that turns me off from the vaccine. I don’t trust the media.

  • There was also r/CovidVaccinated where redditards post their side effects such as heart palpitations, irregular periods, fatigue and pain. Then feel the need to append “I’m not an antivaxxer” to be a part of the hive so their karma count doesn’t decrease.

  • Imagine if you will a pandemic so deadly that you need to be forced to vaccinate against it.

Overall their is so much attention thrown around about side effects that it is difficult to ignore.

Whether these side effects are intentional or not is the big schizo conspiracy theory.


As for myself I will NEVER be forced to wear a mask,be tested or take the death shot i do continue my freedom of choice and will not be forced,I am ready for that and will go down a free person and it ill be very dirty to try to force me

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You can read the proven articles or not,but they are the facts as documents that are fully researched,there are other articles below the first to read also,just scroll down: