Man Punches Woman On Train In Front Of Children

So what would you do if you witnessed this? Would you say anything to this guy? Stand and watch and keep silent? Not your fight?

WATCH: HORRIFYING - Man Punches Woman On Train In Front Of Children - Bystanders Film And DO NOTHING


Sadly, people can’t communicate with each other anymore. This is try for something simple like saying “take a chill pill” to flashing your lights at someone with their high beams on. This has infiltrated life everywhere, and it is so sad. Be assuming one person can fix another, or wants the opinion of another, this woman created her problem. That this is true to how the world works these days is sickening.

As far as would I intervene, or expect anyone else to? It seems unlikely. It feels like a simlar post a few weeks ago. A good person intervenes and the bad guy has a dozen of their own witnesses there, and you drag you, your family, and your freiends through years of crap and likely putting their lives in danger. Third world America is here, folks…and it stinks.


That man who punched that woman is a coward and so are the people in that train car that didn’t intervene. I believe if one person would have tackled this guy to the ground, others would have done the same. I could not watch this happen because the NYPD would have come out of me. This is what it’s come to brothers and sisters. As long as people don’t stick up for what’s right it’s going to get worse.


Notice how these people get louder and more animated when there are onlookers (an audience).

I hope he was arrested.


Hopefully someone contacts CPS. He’s not only guilty of assault on a much weaker person but is guilty of child abuse. However, that woman completely misread the room, the man, never say something rude to an aggressive out of control man or woman unless you have to. That wasn’t necessary. The men present should have all stepped forward to protect the woman. Any aggression towards the man would have ended up with extreme violence in my judgement. Defend, don’t attack. Men today have been deflated to be weak. It’s the effects of this culture war.


I think it goes without saying that he was in the wrong. You should never hit anyone and I don’t think anyone deserves to be hit unless they are threatening your life. We obviously don’t know everything that led up to this, but I don’t think the women was avoiding the conflict. If I was in her shoes, I would have just swallowed my pride and apologized or said nothing. For a lack of better terms, she “poked the bear”. Both people in this situation escalated it and are at fault.

That being said, it is not my job to be the police and had I seen this happen, I would have simply been a good witness. The only way that I would have physically stepped in would be if he had continued to assault her physically.


I don’t punch someone, male or female, just because they didn’t know how to mind their own business.

He punched her once. It’s a violent sight and my initial response would probably be to get to the woman and see if she’s ok (she’s not) and needs medical attention.

Had he punched her a second time, I honestly don’t know how I would react.
Here’s where I hope it turns into a brawl and the attacker becomes outnumbered. Bandwagon effect.

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OK, I watched this through the eyes I use when I walk the streets. I see a guy in the face of a smaller woman. Yelling and backing her down in a crowded train. He hit her and stands there with his hands down facing straight on to, not only the woman, a grown man. I train for just this situation. Hands down chin out facing me with legs separated? First, his nuts hurt, second he has a hand in his face and fingers in his eyes, third to the ground with knee to belly… The plan may not work out like that but, that would at least get the ball rolling. What if he pulls out a knife you say? There are terrible things that I can do to take care of that. What about getting injured? It’s a fight, I’m going to get injured, but at least it will be me, someone that knows how to fight/defend and not a smaller lesser opponent.


Good for her — calling out something she thought was wrong in a non-threatening way, and taking the punch with grace. Balls of steel. If it weren’t NYC, I’d wonder if she had hand on gun in her purse — maybe just tougher than smart.

Unfortunately, people are getting killed for speaking up these days — or for interceding on behalf of others. It’s a potentially costly choice to make, no matter what you decide.

I did not see deadly force or continuing physical threat, and probably would not intercede until I did. Often a loud mouth is a lot less dangerous than a quiet one.

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This is like Michael Drejka’s case in slo-mo. He was not threatening her life, so there was no reason to interfere. Be a good witness.


Without watching the video, my first reaction be was she using “I’m a girl and you can’t touch me” in his face BS? I’m a big believer in: if you want to be treated like a lady, act like one. Yes men are stronger but women also have a responsibility of recognizing that they might be pushing a situation when they shouldn’t. Don’t get me wrong, domestic violence is wrong either way. Women push equal rights, they should also be justas responsible for their actions of instigating sh1t.

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