Maine Shooter Mental History

This details the conversations and interactions various government employees had prior to the Maine shooter’s rampage. None of these government employees considered reporting the shooter to the NICS making him a “prohibited person.”

Of course, the government reaction is not to question the inadequate inaction of government officials, but rather to consider banning semi-automatic firearms and turning anyone who possesses such things into instant felons. Makes perfect sense.

Warning about Maine gunman taken “very seriously” but “with a grain of salt”: audio - ABC News (


Families that are affected by mass shootings should be able to sue the States for not protecting the citizens when agencies fail to take action.


The States would just use their tax dollars against them in court.


Requires a change in laws to hold incompetent officials/employees personally liable and eliminate sovereign immunity defenses.


That, to me, sounds like a step towards much stronger red flag laws.

If the state is going to be responsible for not taking action on people before they have committed a crime…a whole lot of people are going to get their guns taken away without due process (and maybe locked up, too)


I agree the sooner John Q. Public. starts taking responsibility for our right and responsibility to protect ourselves and the public the better.

I don’t think John Q. Public has any responsibility to protect the public, but, it does just so happen that taking up the responsibility of protecting ourselves has a positive side effect of protecting the public too. Protect yourself by shooting and stopping a public shooter/mass killer is protecting others that are there too, of course. :slight_smile:


Proves my argument that the democrats keep sending out shooters in an effort to destroy the 2A!