Lynch Law Relevance

This is for our legal-eagles. When I lived in SC, the state had serious lynch laws, and more than a few thugs were tried, convicted, and sentenced under them. In pursuit of constructive legislation, could it be possible for these to be adopted for more states, or even at the federal level? It’s one matter to stage a legal, peaceful demonstration or protest - it’s another to deliberately engage in mob behavior. How can wearing a mask convince anyone you’re not up to no good?


This should actually be a new topic, but done is done.

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This is exactly how I personally felt during the entire Covid 19 scam-demic.


I’m not familiar with those laws. Can you explain the gist of them? Examples of those who were convicted under them?


The lynch law in SC bans two or more people from “ganging-up” on an individual or a group for any reason. There are two degrees of lynching, that can land sentences of 5 - 40 years for a 1st-degree lynching, and up to 20 for a 2nd-degree - repeat convictions can get you life without parole. The laws have nothing to do with hanging, but cover deaths and property damage from mob violence. You’ll have to research this more, but there HAVE been convictions under these.


Wow. I have to wonder how bad things must have been in SC to motivate the legislature to pass such a law?

I would wager, pretty bad, but not reaching the level of “autonomous zones” and not damaging $1B of property for sure.

Some other states still have active lynch laws on the books - it’s time to resurrect and enforce them, to help combat mob and gang violence, thanks to our fearless leaders. Remember the member posting about his property invasions? This could fall under them, in addition to trespassing.

Can you cite any major gang or mob violence in SC? Enforcement of their lynch laws have kept it at a minimum.

“The rate of gang related incidents increased 996% from 1998 to 2007, the rate of gang violence increased 920%”

Source: Gangs and Crime
in South Carolina: How Much, How Bad?
Prepared by:
South Carolina Department of Public Safety.

One of the first of thousands of articles the search engine spit up. Don’t have time to research how this compares to other states but gang violence is becoming a bigger problem everywhere and criminals don’t care how many laws politicians put on the books.

More laws aren’t the answer. Making it harder for criminals to find easy targets and punishing them with more than a slap on the risk for breaking the basic laws against robbery, assault and murder would likely help. But not enough without also working harder to remove the massive economic inequities in our society.

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I doubt it has anything to do with recent gang or mob violence. The laws probably derive from the era when the KKK was active.