Louisiana Governor Says He'll Veto Constitutional Carry if Reaches His Desk

Very true & a valid point. Thank you

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Well said

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It’s all good. I respect everyone’s opinion & there are valid points opposing my opinion. I’ve got thick skin so fire away. We are all on the same team here. I am not offended at all

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I voted for our Governor & respect the hell out of him. I have never agreed with 100% of what any politician says 100% of the time, including former President Trump, whom I also voted for but Governor Abbot is running around 95% approval with me. I admire & respect the man.


I have little respect for any politician that believes that those who are not healthy street fighters do not have the right to defend themselves from those who are. While I like our governor in Florida, I wish he would take issue with the requirement to carry only concealed. That requirement makes it nearly impossible to bear arms in the summertime. Thus, the aged and infirm have no ability to defend themselves when the occasion arises to defend oneself.
Consider this - if the right to bear arms stated in the second amendment is supposed to be enforced nation-wide, why do states have the ability to deny that right to anyone?


Two words for you…Urban Carry. Really great holsters.

Holsters are invisible under your shorts with most modern compact pistols.

Unless you are wearing short shorts, but I doubt that! :rofl::rofl:

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Just got the lock leather for my Taurus G3, very pleased with it.

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@Lu-Can, I always liked my Tauras.

I haven’t shot it in a while.

Is that your edc?

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For now but I change up daily.