LOUISIANA - Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground/Firearms In Vehicle

:white_check_mark: Louisiana is a Castle Doctrine state with a “stand your ground” statute. There is no duty to retreat in any place a person has the legal right to be before using force or violence and a person may meet force with force.

:white_check_mark: The state of Louisiana is an open carry state.

:white_check_mark: No restrictions on capacity for handgun magazines.

:white_check_mark: LA. Rev. Stat. § 40:1811 - Armor piercing ammunition is prohibited.

:white_check_mark: La. Rev. Stat. 14:19, 14:20, & 14:22 - is justifiable to use deadly force when it is reasonably apparent that the person attacked could have justifiably used such means himself, and when it is reasonably believed that such intervention is necessary to protect the other person.

:white_check_mark: La. Rev. Stat. § 32:292.1 -No property owner, tenant, public or private employer, or business entity shall prohibit any person who lawfully possesses a firearm from transporting or storing a firearm in a locked, privately-owned motor vehicle in any parking lot, parking garage, or other designated parking area. However, firearms must be hidden from plain view or within a locked case or container within the vehicle.

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A. Carrying a firearm, or dangerous weapon as defined in R.S. 14:2, by a student or non student on school property, at a school sponsored function, or in a firearm-free zone is unlawful and shall be defined as possession of any firearm or dangerous weapon, on one’s person, at any time while on a school campus, on school transportation, or at any school sponsored function in a specific designated area including but not limited to athletic competitions, dances, parties, or any extracurricular activities, or within one thousand feet of any school campus.

C. The provisions of this Section shall not apply to:

(9) Any person who has a valid concealed handgun permit issued pursuant to R.S. 40:1379.1 or 1379.3 and who carries a concealed handgun within one thousand feet of any school campus.