Looks like someone doesn't want the public to know the truth

This looks like a cover up to me. There has got to be something in those writings that someone. who knows who, doesn’t want the general public to read. What Could It Be? Could it have to do with Box Checking?


While I personally agree that the writings do not need made public, I don’t see how the victims’ families can possibly have copyrights on those writings. I can possibly see how the parents of the perp could, but not victim’s families; they had nothing to do with the creation of those writings. Again, I don’t think ANY perps should get the noteriety they get from their crimes but, at the same time, I do believe it important to try to understand why they carry out their acts.


Why not release the writings? What/who are they protecting. We got to see the dead kids, we got to see the cops shot the perp but we don’t get to see the precursor to the attack?


If I were one of those parents, I don’t think I’d want it public. I wouldn’t want to walk in somewhere and suddenly have that “thrown in my face” be it on a news cast, a paper, magazine, whatever. What good is it for us to se it? So we can go “see, told you…”. I liken it to the rubberneckers passing a highway accident slowing everyone in the opposite direction to a crawl for no reason. What, so they can get a glimpse of someone at one of the worst times in their lives ar worse, someone dead? Never made any sense to me.


That would destroy the LGBTQ-RSTUVWXYZ narrative they are pushing. No more drag queen story hour, o more men in women’s sports……


^ This right here!


Shooter wasn’t affiliated with NRA, neither a white male (or, was sHE?) nor a conservative.

Didn’t fit the Left’s agenda.


Devils advocate:
We have DUI awareness this and that all of the time, Distracted driver discussions, Speeding… So in this case, why not a mental health awareness exercise, warning signs that your child may be on the verge of who knows what…


Aaaahhhh, who needs the truth anyhow :question:
We’ve been lied to for years now, standard operating procedures for this administration.
Don’t care anymore! What is the truth going to do?


Yes, we should absolutely have mental health discussions. I fail to see how a “manifest” found after the fact published for all to see would make any difference. What would make a difference is to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness and have proper, respectful, discussions. But how does me reading such a manifest help anyone?


I see what this person wrote, compare that to what my son is writing, add 1 + 1 and get my kiddo some help…


IF you see what they write. It seems to me these “manifests” are always found AFTER the fact. I would seriously hope that a properly involved parent would see warning signs LONG before such comparison would be needed.
Edit: In addition, I don’t think anyone with any sense would need to compare such writings to anything to understand it’s a warning sign.


You have much more faith in parenting than is being demonstrated out in public on a daily basis.


Well,one thing I know for sure is that while the news will always mostly cover the bad, there IS more good than they’d like you to believe. I see it on a daily basis.


Something is rotten in the idea that all should not be made public. Someone is hiding something. Unfortunately it would take someone very wealthy or a fiscally weighty organization to pry the truth out of the hands of the legal person or group trying to keep this private. Screw notoriety; no offense. We, the people, have a right and, perhaps, a need to know. The very idea that normal people can’t discern for themselves was first boldly proclaimed by Obama; I am not for ANY government hidden secrets or agendas, and we ALL have reason to be both concerned and vigilant.


Bjorn - I have to agree with what you wrote 100%. Let it lie, doesn’t need to continually be brought up.

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