Looking past the commercialism of Christmas

I know it’s very difficult but Christmas is not about things. Yep a new firearm would be great as well as new ammunition and we always remember the little ones with gifts. But what is it really about?


It is about the birth of the Messiah Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Who died for our sins because of his unconditional love for us.


Linus, on “A Charlie Brown Christmas” said it well.


Staying off of the roads. Avoiding answering the phone/door. Watching for porch pirates. Steering clear of religious folk. Just being generally nice to each other…same as every other day.

And…we take turns hiding the elf!


It’s a worm hole in time, that takes us to a sacred night in Bethlehem long, long ago —if you’re predisposed to travel through it without tripping over all the material stuff and hype blocking the entrance.


Luke 2:1-20
This is the reading I’ve been using for Christmas time when the whole Family gathers together around the table and food.
Nothing more, nothing less…
It’s been like taht for 2 generations… that’s what I remember. I hope it will stay with my kids… (maybe with grandkids) the same way.


For us Christmas has nothing to do with religion or spending money on materialistic items. For us it is all about having family together that doesnt get together nearly often enough and having a fantastic meal and a lot of laughs.

Whatever your beliefs and traditions, I hope everyone on here has a safe and merry Christmas!


I am a Christian. First and foremost, it is about the actual, historic birth of the virgin born son of God for the purpose of redeeming a people unto himself.

1Timothy 1:15 This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners; of whom I am chief.

1Timothy 3:16 And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifest in the flesh.

I am also an American. I want everyone to believe the gospel, but as an American I also want everyone to have the liberty to believe what they want to believe. I want an America where a robust exchange of ideas and points of view can be had without wearing our heart on our sleeves and getting offended at one another.

Christmas is also something of a secular holiday. I am not offended by Santa Claus, elves, exchanging of gifts, secular Christmas songs, etc. we do all of that too.

It’s also very much about family, community, etc.

Disregard the Mormon message at the end. But I like the song.


Well said and illustratively packaged. You have a way with words.


Christmas is about the fulfillment, the manifestation and incarnation of what God promised in the Genesis.
That provision being a vessel, Himself incarnate in human form, to do for mankind what mankind is incapable of doing for themselves, which is to rescue mankind from imminent peril, and to reconcile mankind back to Himself.


The problem I see is with all the added hooplah is the actual meaning of Christmas has faded away and people are forgetting all about it. Even the Christmas songs have leaned away from it going to Frosty the Snowman, and Rudolph the red nose reindeer. The idea of kindness, charity, gifting and family is all a part of it. Whether you believe in God or not does not matter because it is that is reason, we are who we are. Not puppets or robots but free willed images of God. All he wants is your love in return. God sent his son Jesus to pay for our sins and by accepting him as our Saviour opens the door to God.
As our appreciation for the love God has given us, we try to acknowledge God and the gift he gave by also being kind to all mankind and having charity to those who need our help. A reminder to us once a year to be a kinder and more loving person year-round and not just December 25th! A simple reminder for you to be a better you! And to thank God for his loving grace!


We are not a Christian family however we do talk about and even read from the Bible during Christmas time. We believe The birth of the Christ Child is a significant day in the story of human kind. We believe that the Christian way of life is a good way of life, be kind, be honest, help the down trodden, believe in a power greater than ones self. I guess you could say we discuss it like a history book.


I believe what I believe and do what I can, unapologetically, to live what I believe. I believe it so much, unabashedly. that I have no problem with others believing what they want to believe and am very careful not to argue with others’ beliefs as long as that belief does not result in acts of violence to justify some claim or connection to that belief as a reason for it.

Furthermore, the main reason I do not argue is because, we’re all going to find out sooner or later anyhow. If there’s a heaven (and I believe there is), we won’t know nothing of this existence nor the things of it, but if there’s a hell (and I believe there is), then we will remember it for eternity.

I’d rather live this life believing God exists, die, and there not be one; than to live this life as if there is no God, die, and He be the first one I meet. I’ve walked many to the grave but have yet to meet their bodily return to confirm or deny.

I love Christmas because of my understanding of the reason, and that’s what I celebrate.