Looking for suggestions for a new bug

The accountant that I go to for my tax work just called to tell me my tax work is done and, ready to be picked up. There looks to be a S&W 3913 in my near future.


Our friends at Sig got back to us about the action for the 365:

“Technically, the P365 is classified as a Double Action Only, but in no way does the trigger feel like a DAO. It’s a striker-fired pistol that incorporates a pre-cocked striker design… This minimizes the work the trigger is required to do, and results in a clean crisp trigger.”

I had never heard it referred to as pre-cocked DA. I’ve always heard them referred to as a striker that is half-cocked. Learning new phrasing new every day!


I’d recommend the Ruger ec9s. You can carry it anyway you want and has an external safety. I have one with a 7 round mag plus one and two extended 10 round mags for it.

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@Dawn yeah, that’s almost exactly what I said in the DM I sent you


Hi @Josh_Dummer, I appreciate your input but,my decision has been made. The Ruger ec9s just isn’t not what I’m looking for.


For anyone still reading this thread that would like to know more about pre-cocked (aka Pre-set) striker fire handguns.

the way that pre-cocked (aka Pre-set) striker fired handguns work is when a round is chambered the striker is held at about 1/3 cocked position. The reasoning behind the 1/3 position is three fold. First to maintain the longer trigger pull of a double action, secondly to reduce the trigger pull weigh to approximately the half way point between that of a double action and, a single action and, lastly in the event of a catastrophic failure that would allow the striker to fall without a trigger pull the striker should not have enough momentum to fire the round.