Looking for a part for a J.C. Higgins 31 rife

I need a missing part for my rifle part #29 hammer spring guide, Any help would be appreciated. I did find a gunsmith who can make one but he is backlogged by 3 months, The wait time really does not bother me but it will be a rather pricey part. It reminds me why I have a backup for my EDC and practice with it.

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Did you look here? :us: jc higgins model 31 products for sale | eBay

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Yes, so did the gunsmith.


So did I…one bent guide as part of a kit…:confused:
I checked numrich and everygunpart.com as well…
Should be noteverygunpart dot com imo


Well, my go to site has it out of stock. Numrich Hammer Spring Guide | Gun Parts Corp.

Tough part to find

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I know that a lot of the 22’s from that era were branded under many names. For instance your J. C. Higgins 31 is exactly the same as my Sears Ted Williams Model 34 583.3402 Patent # 5018577. They were made by High Standard Mfg for Sears Roebuck & Co. So it is likely that the High Standard, Sears as well as a few more I am sure would have identical parts. Do a little research on High Standards and see who else they made 22’s for. I also believe the trigger group is the same for Models 28, 29, 30 & 31.

You may wish to look up the Patent # and see if there are detailed drawings of the parts (they usually have dimensions or are machinists plans)