Look/Shoot with a Twist

From 7 Firearm Drills That Could Save Your Life

Move your eyes, and then move your gun.

The goal of the “Look/Shoot Drill” is to teach you to quickly engage multiple targets. (That can also mean multiple target areas on the same aggressor: two to the chest and one to the head, for example, popularly known as the “Failure to Stop Drill” or “Mozambique Drill.”)

To do this correctly, you must focus on your first target, shoot it, move your eyes to the second target, then move your sights to the target you just focused your eyes on and shoot that.

The reasoning behind this is simple: If you move your gun while your eyes are searching for your target, you will swing right past it. I don’t care how good you are. If your eyes are moving, your hands will be moving. When your eyes stop, your hands will stop.

So, start slow for form because, say it with me, “Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.”

Here’s the deal: Take your target (one that ideally contains different shapes, colors and numbers or multiple target areas) and hang it up about 4 yards downrange. Then, have your shooting partner call out random combinations of letters and shapes, like “A, B” and “circle, A” and so on and so forth. Look at the first target. Shoot it. Keeping your gun pointed at the first target, look at the second target. Now move your gun and shoot the target.

You can, if you wish, draw your own targets. Better yet, use two target stands about 10 feet apart. This really forces you to look first because when you have to move the gun that much farther, if you don’t look first, you will swing way past the target every time and miss.

After you practice a few times, you can start to build your speed. Remember: It is called the “Look/ Shoot Drill” because you look first and then you shoot. After you have the mechanics down, break out the shot timer.

Let us know how you do with this drill!

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Awesome Drill! This drill is incorporated every time I go to the range to keep this skill. I taught my wife this drill to make her quit over thinking everything else ( punch out, recoil mgmt, trigger reset, etc.)
Also change your shoot pattern (2 at body and 1 in the head) You don’t want to get muscle memory doing this as competitive drill so change your shot pattern once you become efficient. Then maybe add the pivot with the draw.