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Ok I’m not well off as far as owning a AR-15,I go with what my pocket book says . I went an got a kel-tec sub 2000 , love it 9mm rnds, 15 per mag folds up fits on a backpack , unfolds fast easy load up. What do yall think of something like this for someone who wants home defense, and or public, out of site , backpack carry


Great gun for what you are talking about. @TexasEskimo can give you a detailed review as he has one.


I’ve seen lots of videos on them that’s why I wanted one just for what I need , thanks though

That’s not a bad choice at all. I would buy one when the plandemic is over and it’s on the shelf.
Similar options would be the cheaper Hi-Point and the pricier Ruger PC Carbine and Charger.

Everybody has their own threshold of not well off; I’d love a Les Baer or Nighthawk custom but they are out of my price point, I will say that AR’s are at some of the lowest recently so you may want to check em out again. Kel-tec caught my attention also they appear to have held up to scrutiny over time . With a red dot you should be golden. Does KelTec run Glock mags ? If they do I would get the 30 rd mags from ets. I stock about 10 because they are interchangeable with the pistols so your not restricted to which mag you use.



That’s what it cost me to build an AR pistol. Addons: Holosun Red Dot: $250, Dagger Defense 45 degree offset flip up iron sights: $25 antiwalk trigger and hammer pins: $12 and 2 point sling: $20, Hera Arms CQR angled foregrip: $40, 2x 3" picatinny rails to mount the grip: $12

Total price: $709

Springfield Armory Saint: $850 with MBUS rear flip sight and Standard fixed front sight, sling: $20, Burris Prism 5x32 optic: $500, vertical foregrip: $15

Total price: $1385

I know we’re technically not counting addons in the price, but realistically we should be. The cost of building my own AR pistol was less than the bone stock Springfield Saint that I bought. Now granted, the addons came one or two at a time as I could afford them. And I’m actually considering a trigger upgrade for my AR pistol now.

My point is this. It’s typically cheaper to build your own. By building your own you have the option to purchase things as your budget allows.

I have a stripped lower receiver still in the packaging that I’m waiting to put to use, I’ve had it since February. I’m honestly not sure if I want to build a full size AR or an AR pistol again, but I do know that this will be a gift for my wife. The next one I build for myself will be an AR10 pistol.


@Harold22 I have both the Kel-Tec S2K and a CAA MCK. Both are foldable and perfect for your vehicle or backpack. The MCK uses my Glock 17 for “power”. While my Kel-Tec uses any of my G17 mags (17 & 33 rounds). While the basic Kel-Tec was a good buy at @$400 I have invested over another $1,200 in upgrades (trigger kit, upgraded internal springs, red dot, swing away optic mount, green laser w/ tactical light, muzzle break, upgraded sites, charging handle, butt pad, rapid deployment latch, recoil buffer, steel ramp feed, sling mount, sling, bolt sleeve, angled fore grip, M-LOK bipod, etc…).
The majority of these upgrades were from the M*CARBO site. These upgrades weren’t neccesarily “needed”… more of a “wanted”. The basic S2K is great right out of the box. Here is my finished Kel-Tec. “Finished” until they develop more upgrades at least.


Kel-tec was on the shelf in Lufkin TX. Brand new glock 17 mags fired like a champ

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Lufkin gun has the 9mm 378.00


I’m with @Spence on building AR’s. Truth be told I don’t really like the AR plat form for a host of reasons but I have WAYYYYY to much muscle memory and experience to discount them, hence I have a couple 3 or 4 or so. I have always considered the AR to be a $500.00 gun (rifle or pistol) with prices being what they are I probably need to amend that to $600.00 to put together the “gun”. After that it is add on’s and accessories which will cost you much more than the gun.

For me it’s all about the optics and my choice in optics is 4X the cost of a rifle and 2X the cost of a pistol. Right now I am building my Hot Rod and even though I have two unassembled lowers sitting on the shelf my $$$$ and concentration is going into car parts right now. I even have a 1911 project in the works but $$$ are allocated elsewhere even though most of the work is “free” (ie: time) but my head is elsewhere and I know better than to cross projects as I have a self imposed deadline for the car, not for the 1911 since it works now.

The nice thing about a project gun is that if you start with a finished product (or a build with ALL the basic parts) you still get to run it even if all the Gee Whiz gadgets aren’t in place, YET. An AR takes about an hour to build to a functional rifle/pistol/carbine. After that it is always a matter of modification and change.



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Thanks. I’ll see if they ship to Kalifornia.

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