Lockpick for EDC: good or bad?


I am familiar with the gentleman’s name as my son is a White Hat. I was poking to see if it might be you :upside_down_face: Names on the internet mean little. If that were an EDM or CNC cut card I would have confidence to a degree as to its viability beyond it’s novelty. Spring steel on the other hand is … in it’s own category.



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It will absolutely make you look suspicious and in some states I believe it’s still illegal to possess them unless you’re a licensed locksmith or LEO.

You’d be better off keeping a plastic house key for emergencies in your wallet.

Personally I keep spare keys in my vehicles and hide a keys for each of my vehicles.

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That’s one thing I like about my Ford. Keypad entry. :slight_smile:


It is illegal in many states, though some it is legal, but can be used as prima facie evidence of a crime, so you could face some legal issues until it is resolved.

In most cases, it is something to be avoided, but lock picks are a hobby of many, and they come in handy in more situations than one might think.

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