Lockpick for EDC: good or bad?


I am familiar with the gentleman’s name as my son is a White Hat. I was poking to see if it might be you :upside_down_face: Names on the internet mean little. If that were an EDM or CNC cut card I would have confidence to a degree as to its viability beyond it’s novelty. Spring steel on the other hand is … in it’s own category.



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It will absolutely make you look suspicious and in some states I believe it’s still illegal to possess them unless you’re a licensed locksmith or LEO.

You’d be better off keeping a plastic house key for emergencies in your wallet.

Personally I keep spare keys in my vehicles and hide a keys for each of my vehicles.

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That’s one thing I like about my Ford. Keypad entry. :slight_smile:


It is illegal in many states, though some it is legal, but can be used as prima facie evidence of a crime, so you could face some legal issues until it is resolved.

In most cases, it is something to be avoided, but lock picks are a hobby of many, and they come in handy in more situations than one might think.


IDK. Become “the” best at hiding spares keys, where no one else would ever find or know where it goes to, or with a trusted person; i.e. at work, relative, friend, church staff.

KRS 511.050 Possession of burglar’s tools.
(1) A person is guilty of possession of burglar’s tools when he possesses any tool,
instrument or other thing adapted, designed or commonly used for committing or
facilitating the commission of an offense involving forcible entry into premises or
theft by a physical taking under circumstances which leave no reasonable doubt as
to his:
(a) Intention to use the same in the commission of an offense of such character; or
(b) Knowledge that some other person intends to use the same in the commission
of an offense of such character.
(2) Possession of burglar’s tools is a Class A misdemeanor.

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I used to do a lot of work on open rangeland where the gates were supposed to be unlocked but the locals would lock them to keep the riffraff out. Felt better picking the locks then cutting them. But then I read about all the anti lock picking laws and stopped carrying them. Now I just carry bolt cutters which I started carrying after I was driving overland one evening and got a whole bunch of old wire wrapped around my axle. Took forever to get off with the pliers and little hack saw I had at the time. Not sure how LEOs feel about bolt cutters?

Yep. Illegal here unless you’re a locksmith, or work security/tow truck driver as they’ll often carry those "sliders’ for opening locked cars

It never ceases to amaze me that people just don’t “get” how handcuffs work :rofl: