Lil Wayne's federal weapons charge

Lil Wayne, whoever that is, drips quality

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Geez, I’ll never know why people that are doing well can’t just enjoy life and stay out of trouble…That said, this guy had a really cool interview a few years ago that turned a lot of his fans against him…but it was truthful and something I think people need to hear…

Hope he gets his shit together and learns how to appreciate what he has and stop gambling it for nothing…


Lil Wayne charged with possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. Am I allowed to wonder if this charge has anything to do with his support of RealDonaldTrump?
-Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch

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It probably has more to do with him possessing a firearm… I work in the courts, and can assure you that your voter registration card isn’t checked before they decide whether or not to charge you for possessing a weapon as a felon.


I think he was referring to his meeting with Trump to discuss the “Platinum Plan.”

This was back in 2008.

When I actually listened to his filth…

Wayne is from.New Orleans but believe he was arrested in New York…If remember correctly.

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr, (stage name: Lil Wayne) was charged Tuesday, NOV 17th in the Southern District of Miami with criminal possession of a firearm and ammunition as a prior felony offender, based on a December 23, 2019 incident where a gun was found on his private plane and he allegedly admitted it was his. He was previously convicted of possessing a gun as a felon in New York City and served 8 months at Riker’s Island Jail in 2010.