Libertarian Jo Jorgensen / Spike Cohen 2020 Campaign's Views on the 2nd Amendment

I like it. I don’t think we should be nation building but I’m not naive and know we need spies even if this comes to pass. What do you guys think.

This Presidential candidate is the most pro-2A of the three


I am all for an armed society. But the idea of only defending the country against direct attacks on the US would alienate all of the countries who are allies, leaving many, if not most, to attempt to defend themselves. China could easily overtake Asia with ease. Russia could do the same with all of eastern Europe and there would likely be a resurgence of the British empire, or a similar western European power.

The US lasted reasonably well as a neutral country until WWI. In times where there is instantaneous communication around the globe and beyond, and weaponry that can reach out and touch someone across continents in less than an hour, the idea of a super-power being neutral, “one giant Switzerland,” is not even a fantasy, it is a farce1


I like her 2A stance which would most likely lead to constitutional carry. She needs to address those other foreign policy questions better on her website and why it would be interesting to see her on the presidential debate stage.


He’s got a great idea… but unfortunately impossible to apply is USA.

We cannot do Switzerland here… it works there, won’t work here…


I don’t personally believe the US should bury our heads in the sand. I do however believe we should stop looking for fights and attempting to push out agendas on others. I believe we should come do the defense of our allies, when asked, IF our allies aren’t being attacked justly. Even our friends can be assholes from time to time. And sometimes a good slap upside the head is just what is needed.


“He” is a “She”.


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Not sure if political topics are copacetic, however although it sounds wonderful, we would be eaten alive by immigration (open borders) and foriegn trade. Since the world is such an imperfect place, look at all the products we buy abroad because they are cheap. We no longer produce Power Transformers (big issue and need in the event of an emp), microchips and even worse, pharmecueticals and their precursers are made in China. We allowed this to happen because large companies can purchase these items abroad, unemploying 100,000’s of Americans. Don’t get me wrong I like Libertarian concepts, And agree, we need not be Team America World Police.

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Instead of spending all of our aid and off shoring to over seas I personally would have wished to see us using it in the America’s. North, South and Central.


I recall the strategy being that if we didn’t fight for (or support) democracy abroad then we would be fighting for it at home.
Judging by current events, that seems to have not worked so well.

It’s a gross simplification, but it’s too bad that turning the world on to refrigeration and exporting McDonalds didn’t change global power structures or convert the conflicting global socio-political value systems the way it had been hoped.

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Did either of you ask them, or did both of you just assume gender?

That’s a joke.


I had ZERO idea who it was until I did a google search and found the image. Then I HAD TO correct @Jerzy.


No, you had not…you wanted… :sweat_smile:
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Here is the VP pick Spike Cohen on Guns: