Let's talk GREY MAN

Though I agree with the grey man stuff, it is a necessary evil right now. I look forward to the day we don’t have to hide…


As I’ve stated before I’m not a true believer of the Grey Man concept. I don’t have to hide anything. Again, I have yet to find ONE single incident of anyone being specifically killed because of clothing, accessories etc. And even if we found an example or two, we live in a country of 340,000,000 people, so they are statistically insignificant. I strive to be a gentle, kind and friendly human and if I accomplish my goal while dealing with a stranger that notices my 2A shirt I might change someone’s attitude towards “our kind”.

Now that being said, I live near city that is now world known for being a liberal bastion of epic proportions. Violent crime is up 31% and homelessness and drug use are rampant. But criminals and these losers are cowards by definition. I drive a Jeep with USCCA stickers and an American Flag on it and own more patriotic and “tactical” (Lord I hate that word) gear/clothing than I care to admit to. I have a tattoo that covers my whole arm of the Betsy Ross Flag with We The People on it. You can’t miss that one. So, this is a topic that is constantly being re-examined by myself and my wife.

I have NEVER been targeted for violence because of what I wear or what I drive. But plenty of GREAT conversations have started with folks curious about firearms, training, patriotism, etc because of my tattoo or what I’m wearing.

On the other hand, as an example, a few weeks ago I went downtown with the wife and as usual there is one drugged up dude making a ruckus on the street I parked in. This happens just about weekly nowadays and the police do nothing about it.

So this guy is getting belligerent and is screaming at folks on the street who are running away from him and then suddenly he started throwing rocks at cars, street signs and people. I stepped out of my car and so did my wife, both of us wearing the same type attire I wear all the time. My hoodie of the day said PATRIOT on bold letters in front and has the American Flag on the sleeve (Grunt Style).

The guy was walking towards us, took one look at both of us and turned around and ran around the corner to carry his party somewhere else. THIS actually happens pretty often. I’ve had guys walk into a coffee shop/restaurant/ shop, take one look around, see me and walk out. I notice these things because I always sit by the door (or keep my eyes on it if shopping) and check out everyone that comes in. It’s part of being aware of your surroundings and my normal behavior.

Criminals don’t want to take on challenges. Between me and the pasty guy with pink hair and half shirt and skinny jeans, guess who is in a lot more in peril of an unprovoked criminal attack?


I have to say that the concept of “grey man” appeals to me because I’m an introvert and just want to be left alone. I’ve spent a LOT of years eating meals at the bar in restaurants and try to avoid anybody sitting next to me because they want to argue about my political views or even show me 100 pictures of their cat on their cellphone.

On the other hand, what you say has a lot of merit also. Twice, I’ve had someone get in my face, looking for a fight, only to back down because they thought I was a cop based on my appearance and being unimpressed with their posturing. It got me thinking about how to play that up a little. Do police dress a certain way when they’re off duty that stands out? I never figured that part out. But again, it was motivated by just wanting to be left alone so I can have a few beers and enjoy my meal in peace. But appearance can definitely be a deterrent and cause someone to move on down the road.

As for stickers & stuff on vehicles, I’ve never liked any kind of stickers on my truck. The only exception I’ve made recently is a silver & black “Wilson Combat” sticker because my truck is silver & black and it fits so nicely within the Chevy emblem on the tailgate (the “bowtie”). It really just blends right in. And your average, every day Californian probably thinks Wilson Combat is a place where you learn martial arts or something.


Other than gang symbols, maybe? But I can’t keep up with those. I remember being instructed not to wear certain colors in certain neighborhoods, but these days I just avoid those neighborhoods.


A young man was eloping to Reno with his girlfriend. Her dad was an abusive alcoholic and they sneaked out rather late in the evening.
They spent the night camping on the spur road in the Sierra.
He figured he needed to protect his soon bride to be (like the famous GK Chesterton) and carried a holstered black powder revolver (the only gun he owned) in camp.
An unsavory character showed up with a big hunting knife on his belt and was making a pest of himself.
The young fellow pulled his jacket open just enough that the holstered revolver was visible.
The visitor nervously excused himself and disappeared into the darkness.
The young fellow didnt sleep the rest of the night.
The next morning, as they had just hit the road they saw lights from cruisers and were stopped for questioning by deputies,
A couple camping not far away from their site had been murdered with a knife.


That’s the problem that happens with statistics, if you choose from a significant enough sample size to find an outlier that conforms to your study your example is most likely statistically insignificant.

According to FBI statistics in 2020 you had a 50% better chance to be beaten to death by an attackers hands and feet than you did from any rifle ( including that mythical master of war the AR-15). That 50% sure looks scary, until you dig further into the numbers (400 and change from rifles, 600 and change from hands and feet). Even gun violence numbers become much less significant when you factor in the totality of the population being studied 18,000 and change from guns, of which the vast majority are suicides, out of a population of 350,000,000+.

All of that was said to demonstrate my fundamental agreement with @Enzo_T on this topic. I try to hit a balance between gray man and to dangerous to mess with. It’s a moving target and as will happen with a moving target, I will miss it sometimes. Knowing I am going to miss the target. I would prefer to land on the to much trouble to mess with side of the equation. YMMV


Zavier and Enzo, you two are among my favorites to read and hear. Thanks for you two being cool and civil with one another. You’ll can be like cousins.

Interesting points gentlemen, on grey vs tactical man; in that one can even go middle ground, as you said. Or how about even mix ingit up sometimes, if a scenario calls for it. IDK. Chameleon-like. Being able to change and do both, one or the other. Food for thought I guess.

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Thanks for the compliment. Makes it easy to be civil when we have an intelligent un-emotional discussions basing opinions on facts :+1:t2: