Let's see your new gun!

If we’re anywhere near geographically close, I’d love to!
I’ve mostly been working with my Ruger Security 9 lately, but I’ve been getting the urge to haul out the “big Russian”, a Mosin Ngant 7.62 x 54 built in the late 20’s.


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@David38 … pictures … or it didn’t happen :wink:


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I purchased an M22-TCM-BA It is on the way to my FFL and I should be able to get to him to pick it up in a couple of weeks.

stock photo, not mine

This is the rifle from Rock Island Armory that shots their .22tcm. I have been wanting one of these for a while, mostly due to the uniqueness.

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Very sleek looking @Hasaf! What’s your plan for it?

@Hasaf, do you have a .22 TCM pistol to go with it? I’ve had the pleasure of shooting one of those. Those things are awesome.

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I don’t have the pistol. I am looking at the MAPP series (CZ clone in the same .22tcm). I may get another one in a few months. I have been considering putting a 9mm barrel on one. Whether or not this one gets that treatment will depend on low much I like it out of the box.

That being said, there are not a lot of bolt action 9mm rifles either.

One thing I am very interested in is running a few dry-wall penetration tests. I am always looking for barrier sensitive ammunition. I feel that self-defense does not give me the right to act as if my neighbor’s life is meaningless.

Toward that end, I have seen some informal tests (Box o’ Truth & How I Did It) that seem to indicate that light bullet hunting loads in .223 are about the most barrier sensitive loads in what is otherwise a valid self-defense round. The Fiocchi 223 REM 40 GR V- MAX seems to be the winner in this regard. I want to compare the .22tcm. If I like the results, I will probably go ahead with the pistol. If I don’t, well, I can always order that 9mm barrel.