Let's see your new gun!

One day, yes.


So on Veteran’s day Cabela’s was running a special…5% off firearms for Vets. Given all that is going around defunding the police, etc. I went ahead and picked up another handgun. Mow I have a FDE and this new black one. On this one I did just the gun and 1 magazine. Since I was purchasing a firearm I wasable to get some FMJ at normal prices with it.


Nice piece of hardware brother @Martin36.:+1::+1:


Thanks and stay safe.


I don’t have a pic yet, however:
Springfield XDM 4.5" chambered in 10mm.

Haven’t found a lot of ammo yet, but what i have been able to shoot has been great! Whenever ammo becomes widely available again i may switch to carrying this.

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I love historic battle rifles like that, I have a few, was stupid once and let a linear bolt K31 go to fund a pistol purchase. :confounded: but in that respect I’ve got the ever popular sks x3, an enfield 303 battle rifle with bayonet, a the ever popular Morin nagant circa m44 and m38 in carbine length, and my favorite inheritance battle rifle, a 1913 Swedish Mauser in 6.5x55 carbine length, a war trophy handed down to me. Sadly in those days they removed the armorers disc from the stock. That sir is a nice piece. Congrats!:handshake: