Lets See those Pro Freedom memes

If we don’t argue about it nothing will get done. If we cry about and not do anything nothing gets done. It just makes me want to cry.
Sorry I think I got triggered I’ll stop.

I see no reason he why he couldn’t be both.

Yeah, but what gets done while we stand around and bicker at each other? Nothing important. Because people don’t argue about important things. We avoid complex debate by arguing about trivial things that don’t really matter. Parkinson’s Law of Triviality.

Take this community, as a whole. We all generally agree on the importance of self-defense and the 2nd Amendment. That’s basically the whole point of this forum. But we’ll waste a good chunk of our bandwidth arguing about things like religion, electric cars, the climate, vaccines, or other political issues that have nothing to do with USCCA.

I’m up late, I hope this rant is at least half coherent.



Your argument is spot on, maybe it’s time to settle that argument!…AGAIN

Unfortunately we don’t deserve to be associated with real men! Their blood runs under our feet. We failed them! Experiment over. Mission failure, RTB.

You’re right, none of them ever argued about, electric cars, gas ovens, climate change, vaccines, which bathroom to use, nor the caliber or the accoutrements that adorned their weapons of peace! Absolutely there’s definitely a difference between our bandwidth and their band width! Their band width spread across a battlefield ours across the living room!
They hit the ground running, nothing stopped them, hence the reason we are here f$$king around with what they gave their lives for!
The argument was over in 1791.

Talk is cheap!


It’s practically free. That is why I think we should use it in a positive way and put it to good use. We are all different and what interest us is different. To me USCCA is about being responsibly armed. That means
saving lives but saving lives means more to me than being armed so that is what I talk about.



2023…it’s not free, furthermore you bring up another interesting point. We are armed. Half the world’s population is armed and 90% are the bad guy! There’s nothing Machiavellian here. It’s all happening daily, we are watching Rome crumble, and you want to talk. Truthfully, I see you as the violinist on the Titanic, accepting the death and destruction without ever lifting a finger to try to fix the problem! I believe the Titanic could have been saved had everyone fought instead of talked!
Been there done that. I’ve been in many deathly situations that required action not reaction. When the galley is burning, is no time talk, when the water is flooding in at 5000 gallons per second, you shut up and fight till your last drop of blood to fix the problem! And it is a fight, talking never plugged a hole, talking doesn’t douse flames.

I have proof, watch CNN talk and talk as the flames rage behind them. With all that talk they could have saved Rome or even Chicago, San Francisco or New York. Like you said, talk is practically free, but now it can’t save us!

When the psycho is shooting at your children or irreversibly medically changing your child’s gender ( without your permission, of course ) isn’t a time to talk! Talking is considered terrorism! Ask any parent in Virginia, who is now on a no fly list! Talk time is over. The more we talk the more they take away!

USCCA is there because some lunatics could break into your home, kill your family, and our wonderful leadership, whom we’ve talked about and voted for year after year, think you’re the bad guy for saving your own life! The bad guy has been turned into the good guy. There are very few words that can talk your way out of a home invasion, you’ll never talk your way out of a mass shooting. We can’t even talk our way out of high gas prices or when they’re coming to take away your stove.

We’re not talking our way out of nightly violence, that tends to be mostly, peacefully burning down a city. Anymore peaceful and we’ll surely all be dead.

You’re not implying that the people that continuously fight and win our freedoms are less than responsible? The only responsible people left are us. The governments, foreign and domestic are running off the rails. We’ve talked and debated just about everything under the sun. But when you try and change my boy into a girl, allow felons to get away with murder and send all your unwanted gang members and prisoners to my country. Well, I see how well talk is working!
America is over! Talk is over. It can’t be put back.

At any moment an angry mob sent out explicitly by the liberals could be assembled around your house because you have rubber tires on your electric car or because you own an electric toothbrush!

It’s obvious, we are on the wrong side, the liberals read von Clausewitz and Marx and Sun Tzu. We are reading each others memes!

Me, I’ve always been a man of action, I get things done, or I used to.

Could this be your reason for talking, because we seem to be way past the point of action!

I do know a way out of this without violence! We all know the way out without violence, however, that solution could get us killed. There’s an old saying in Brooklyn, money talks, bulls#$t walks. If you don’t know where I’m going with that, there’s nothing left to talk about. Hint, REPRESENTATION.

I think it’s time we stopped joking about our freedom!


As I have always said… The only people who have colluded with Russia have been Democrats.

Hillary sold them (RosAtom) 20% of American uranium mining interests
Adam Schiff thought he was talking to Russian oligarchs who would supply him with photos of “Naked Trump.” Schiff was too stupid to realize he was being trolled hard.

Now we have an FBI guy who was literally being paid by Russians.

It is also ironic that what were once called “Conspiracy Theories” have been proven to be conspiracy facts.


I think your intentions are good. We talk about things so we will know what to do when they happen. Had they talked about the titanic sinking they would have prepared but they thought it impossible. We talk to prevent. If we talk how to stop from loosing our rights just maybe we can prevent it because I can’t bare the thought. I don’t remember where I heard it that it was inevitable that we will loose our 2A right.

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I think despite any laws the Leftists might be able to get passed in the future, gun confiscation will NEVER happen. We saw what happened when some states banned 30 round magazines-- nothing. Connecticut banned them and something like only 11% of people who had been documented as having bought one or more actually turned them in. The police refused to go door to door to confiscate them. Currently, with the ATF’s pistol brace issue, many Sheriffs and police departments are already going on record saying they will not enforce this, and will not assist the ATF to enforce it. Some states have made it very difficult for federal agents to operate in their jurisdictions, requiring prior notice to pretty much every level of government. Some states require federal agents to register when entering the state to perform law enforcement duties, and those who do not, lose their powers of arrest in the state, and can be arrested for attempting to perform law enforcement duties.

Now we cannot rely on states and county Sheriffs to do all the heavy lifting. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. Promote and vote for those who are Pro-Constitution (originalists, preferably). Get involved at every level where you can. We saw what happened with school boards-- people got fed-up with the BS and voted out the Leftists. Here in Florida, pretty much every political office was purged of Leftists. This is what needs to happen nationwide.





I wouldn’t know. I don’t watch it! :grin:

But point well made.


I wouldn’t say “spitting”.



People still watch television?
Do they know about the internet?


The saddest part of the push to digital currency is the people think they are not a political enemy, yet.