Let’s talk 1911s, whatcha got, whatcha want?

@Zee geez, I didn’t know the email reply was going to post my signature, too. Now I’m a little embarrassed! Had a fine 4th of July, thanks, and I hope yours was fine, too!

I like the way you described the Glocks, with the coffee analogy! Very fitting, too!

I’ve been on a spree, buying pistols like I never owned one. I got two 1911s (a Colt Government Combat Elite and a Les Baer Swift Response Pistol (SWP)), I got a Sig P365 9mm, and I got a S&W M&P Shield EZ .380. I’m spending some time at the range!!! The Les Baer is totally awesome, but they’re all nice guns to shoot. I’m having a small problem with the P365 misfiring, but I think that’s an ammo issue… My friend shot it right after me using different ammo and she had no issues at all. I was using hollow points. So I’m going back tomorrow to try using different ammo. Oh, I also ordered a Wilson Combat Ultralight Carry Professional but I haven’t received it yeI’m gonna have to sell one of them to buy enough ammo to shoot them all!!! lol

Say, why don’t you post a pic of your new Glock? That would be awesome! I’ll work on getting pics of my new acquisitions, too!

@BillP, I think the 1911 is the ultimate pistol, and I get why you don’t like polymer. I’ve never shot a Springfield. I imagine it’s a fine weapon, though. Happy Independence Day to you, too!

@Zee, keep those posts coming! I enjoyed hearing about your impression of your new Glock!

Happy Independence Day weekend to everyone! :cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face::cowboy_hat_face:


@Nancy here you go :grin:

So… I go to pick up the new Glock g30 and…
Yep came home with a Sig 250c .22 as well :smile:

I’ve been wanting a .22 for teaching, now I have one. Ok, I actually want two .22s for teaching but I got one of them.

:laughing: Between you and I, I’m not sure which of the two of us is a bad influence but ONE of us is :laughing:

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Now I need to share pics of my new 1911s, a Colt Combat Elite and a Les Baer SRP:

I’m trying to break them both in, shoot rounds and rounds until they ease up. They’re both very tight right now. I’ll share pics of my little 9mm P365 and .380 Shield EZ soon…

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@Zee I prefer to think you’re the bad influence!!! That’s a hard sell, though, considering how many guns I just bought! I’m on a spree!!!

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@Zee I love your ballcap! Forgot to tell you that before! It goes very nicely with your new guns!!!

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@Nancy I’m totally down for being the bad influence. :grin:
Yep. Broad shoulders here. I can take it. :rofl: Just ask @Raymond :innocent:



Have you looked at the STI 2011s yet? Large price tag, but a great gun for competitive shooting. They start at about $2500.00 and can be customized to fit your exact needs.

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@lew nice gun

@Steve-G I’m not familiar with STI 2011s. I’ll have to google them! I love learning about new 1911s, and other guns, too.

Does anybody know where to find soft grips for 1911s? I think I would like that better than the hard, spiny grips that normally come with 1911s, but not sure where to start looking. I guess google could help me, but I’m not sure what to ask for! Any suggestions?

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@Zee I think you’re a good influence! Just my opinion! I really want a ballcap like the one you pictured with your new Glocks. Where did you get that? It’s a very fine ballcap!!!

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@Nancy my granddaughter got me that :grin: I’ll ask her

@Nancy - My granddaughter requested the custom text, here’s the place she ordered through:

Mine’s Olive Drab - the granddaughter has a matching one in pink :smiley:

Saw this beauty at work today

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:


@Kelly … just gonna go with Oooooooo!

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Right?!? The wood grips stopped me in my tracks! :star_struck:

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@Kelly Beautiful gun! However, I can’t zoom in close enough to see what kind it is. I’d love to know. I’m learning so much about what’s out there on here. And I totally agree, the wood grips are awesome!

@Zee thanks so much for finding where to get the ball cap. I’m not very good at Facebook, but I think I ordered one in red. I really love the ball cap and the clever words! Appreciate your making the effort to help me get one, too!

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