Let’s talk 1911s, whatcha got, whatcha want?

Ladies. While the act of cycling a round into the camber is a significant event on the RANGE the more likely event should you need to utilize your firearm in the event of a real shooting is that you will hit the safety and the trigger at the same time which WILL cause you to shoot low and left of the target. Train to have the safety depressed prior to the pounds of pressure required to loose the hammer. There are multiple methods to accomplish this, my trained and preferred method is to bring the gun center, attain a solid two hand grip, safety off and push the gun to the center of the target hitting my detonation point at or near full extension. It is a skill set that can be taught and honed upon. It is a train slowly and develop muscle memory scenario.

Rake (your garment), Stance (MOVE), Grip, Brake (the thumb brake) Lift, Rotate, Point, Center, Safety (OFF), Push, Bang!

I promise you that if you need to rack the slide when you’re A$$Hole is wrapped around your neck you will not even notice that you did it providing you don’t go into vapor lock because you trained poorly and don’t know what to do next.



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@craig6 sometimes we need to work the baby steps :wink: that’s what all the racking breakdown steps at the range are for. But I do it there so I build the muscles and muscle memory I might need later.

FWIW I wouldn’t carry a gun I can’t effective rack. In front, up, down, one handed on my belt or holster, weak or strong hand. And as far as safeties… mostly I carry Glocks so I AM the safety :wink:

I’ve never had to deal with a gun-drawing emergency (and I hope I never have to). But I’ve dealt with other kinds and have had both the time distortion everything-slow time to think things through and make every action under total control experience and the its allover in a flash and I’ll have to see it on the video to know what happened experience.

In both cases that train train train thing matters. :+1:

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Does it whatcha want? :+1:
(just got this pic on my email)

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@Jerzy … just goin’ with ooooOOOOOooooo!

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