Lessons from covid-19-...20,21,22,23..zombie apoc

Province in China Prepares Thousands of Hospital Beds Amid New Wave of Infections https://www.theepochtimes.com/province-in-china-prepares-thousands-of-hospital-beds-amid-new-wave-of-infections_3308312.html.

We prepare to stay safe
We talk of bugging out to stay safe
(Today you may ask bug out to where?)

We discern threats to avoid trouble

What lessons have we and are we learning from the current and potential long term issues of covid.

About. Powder
About practice
About ammunition
About resource allocation
About medicines
About saftey
About law
I presume (even though not said in the media) everyone knows hydrochloroquine is an HIV /aids (auto immune system) drug. ( much more than just malaria)

About how things may change,if this continues
Let’s protect each other what have you learned?
(Read the article)

Here’s a simple one. Every person should consider having a business account with vendors ,even if not used. Why commercial entities often times have supplies when civilian resources are drying up.

What other lessons are we learning?

What did we learn from seeing Dr. Brix with POTUS our foremost HIV Aids expert leading the charge?

What do we learn knowing the Chinese spliced the virus with the HIV 1 virus(ref Epoch Times Feb2020)
What do we learn in that HIV can go years before becoming aids
What do we learn that we are having many reoccurrences of the curred being reinfected or succombing again after supposedly being healed

I’ve taken a good hard look at my “stock piles” and I am fairly well situated on the guns and ammo part but it still leaves me wanting. I discovered this deer season I had very little “hunting ammo”, it has been several years since I was able to seriously hunt and my ammo stocks slid. I am fixing that. I have a few new platforms that require a building of stocks and am working through that. My hurricane survival stores were not as fat in some areas as I had thought. Closer attention to inventory needs to be maintained. I didn’t see the TP and paper towels thing coming other than my normal “We opened the last pack of 9, time to get another bundle.” I have a bunch of crap in my freezer and larder that I can’t make a meal with but it will make ONE meal taste better.

To the credit of one little assignment in my college courses I have almost tripled my investments. I dumped ALL of my stocks when the market was near 29,500 and poured it into heavy metals. I took half of that recently in put it into some medical and tech stocks that have done amazingly well. I’m getting ready to shuffle things again.

The obvious things to be learned is that the news media feeds on fear and desperation. When they stop talking about something it is time to pay attention to it. When they attack/dismiss/refute something it may be wise to look at the topic. I reference the Wuhan Flu, Joe Biden, the Durum investigation and Hydroxychloroquine in order.

Other lessons learned; the vast majority of people are sheep and spend way to much time on social media and never fact check anything, they simply follow the @$$hole in front of them. Politician’s that profess to be “for the children” are in general for themselves and will make money on the deal. Statistics and “models” are mainly crap, you can get a better sense of what is going on and predict much better with raw data unfortunately the raw data comes from the news media or those invested in having a problem.



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My wife fact checks 99% of the things she posts and will call out people (including close friends) for posting (or reposting) things that are wrong.

She is one of the best internet searchers I know, she is able to find things in minutes when I have been looking for hours. She has a gift for using the correct key words in her searches.


@DBrogue Check out Potters Field, NY for the latest in conspiracy theories.




I will honestly admit that I don’t understand investments in “heavy metals” :slight_smile:

Yea, if you are going through troubled times in the markets, and expect better times, when you can swap you metal holdings for cash/stock/bonds, I get it. But what if you want out, and want your metals in hand. Do you expect the firm where you invest to ship the bullion amid Armageddon? Do you take periodic shipments from them, and keep them in your house, elevating your risk to everyone in it?

There is a point,and in an interesting turn,if you want your “Gold”“silver” etc to maintain its value. Then you have to be in the refiners registration chain(their vault at your house) . Because all bid/ offers go back through the refiners pricing chain. If you do not do this,then you buy,and when you sell an offer is made from the market,of which they go and price back to the refiners to find out what price to pay ( typical bid/offer).(kinda the way the market is regulated). If it wasn’t this way everyone would get market price which would be actual value,based on quality standards etc. However if money ever became worthless,and folks wanted to take gold,then your in it, since a lot of the world treasuries are still on the gold standard per se.
Provided everybody no is using gold and you have a good bank or guy around the way! Butt if it is azombie apocalypse then bartering would most likely be best,and that could be jelly beans to wire,to water,to gunpowder etc.lol

I have to disagree with this statement. The models are representations of “what’s going on around you.” That curve we are trying to “flatten” is generated by the “raw data,” and that data comes from medical research. The news media presents the curve and maybe even tries to explain it, but they don’t make it up.

Now, does the weather report try to scare you into staying tuned in? Do the “teasers” about a terrible highway accident convince you to keep watching through the commercials, so you can hear what it’s all about? Yeah, I can get on board with that.