Legitimate question

If president Trump is unable to reclaim the white house. Which we seriously doubt. Will our USCCA membership still be valid if we relocate to Puerto Rico or any island in the Caribbean?


If you move…you’ll be giving up on the struggle for freedom, rule of law and the principles of the Constitution. Maybe you’re battle weary but rest of us back here sure would miss your voice in our proverbial fox hole (and we’ll be pulling double duty if a Dem wins he Presidency at this point).

Don’t give up the ship brother…(I’m just full of military sayings tonight apparently :slight_smile: )


Put that energy into educating others and getting them to vote when it matters. Even if it goes pear shaped, we should not flee. There’re plenty of things to (politely) fight for either way.


To seriously answer your question, if we really have to run from the United States of America, it won’t matter. Two things men fear most, retirement and an idiot in the White House! I once heard that good always prevails. And I think there are a lot of good men out there/ladies too!


Is it that bad in Ohio? Because you’re beginning to scare me! Agreed TSHTF. All we need to do now is clean it up.

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I think Trump will keep the White House. I do not believe all of the polls that have been released lately. There’s absolutely no way someone who cannot form complete sentences could win or even be allowed to run for that matter. Not sure how he has even made it this far.

However, if we want to assume the worst, our only hope would be for Republicans to take control of the House.


To coin another phrase … “The grass is always greener over the septic tank.” That being said, we wouldn’t realize what we have until we no longer have it. For as bad as it may seem, it’ll be far worse off someplace else.


Several years ago I thought the same thing about a certain individual who’s most well known accomplishment (at the time) was saying you’re fired on a nationally televised clown show (of sorts)

Then this same person became the only choice for the right (in that election)

Now this same person is the only hope of the nation for the right (in this election)

@Seethe. It’s not that I dont share your sense of ‘amazement’ (staying polite). But we live in some very strange days and nothing should be taken for granted.

Puerto Rico is a US Territory

The bigger picture here is, Biden will be placed in office by any means necessary and the real president will be the chosen VP. Of course he’s not fit! They will fix the election. Look what they have done so far for 3.5 years, the largest and longest attempted coup in world history. They must succeed, or they will look REAL bad. He’s down to 4 running mates for president.

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I’ll be digging in and establishing my caches around various locations and not easily detected. At some point if the WH flips and becomes the enemy of freedom I’ll be labeled I guess, but it won’t be the first time I’ve been called something irrational :joy:
Recently saw articles where they want to disband agencies like USCCA considered as “Defense Insurance”
I have a layered response to the USCCA staff that may prove to be a viable countermeasure to this problem. If the USCCA president can convince Insurance companies and underwriters to apply this “ Defense Insurance” under the guidances as an “add on” to Home Owners Insurances” , and convince them to incorporate this in or as additional layers it can be a win for both this agency and the insurance companies / underwriters to incorporate it.
You have to have insurances for any other devices you operate / own / lease/ sell / manufacture / etc.
This would make a good opportunity for insurance companies / underwriters to regain some of the financial losses caused by the pandemic and the socio / commie sympathizers trying to wreck the U.S.
As far as how it might affect cost all around who knows…, but it would cost probably more to litigate in court or against DC without lobbyist in place to quash these liberals trying to infringe yet again on Capitalism.
The real problem or trick is going to be how to incorporate it into a homeowners policy / bundling option.
Somehow there has to be a considered or unknown method to institute this.
Life insurance is more problematic as in most cases it doesn’t cover loss during times of war or war like scenarios. But…, that’s not to say that it can’t be done.
I would consider merger options to limit “Federalized” intervention using the primary insurance companies / underwriters to block any attempt to disenfranchise the USCCA or like organizations.
Sometimes you just have to fight dirty to win!

The only option they leftist (left us) is to fight dirty on ALL levels. I’ve been taught, when in a fight, fight to win. That’s what “they” are doing, it’s time for a counter punch, a right cross should do it, personally I prefer an upper cut.
As far as the insurance companies are concerned, I don’t think they care about money anymore, it’s political correctness

This whole thing with Biden is like a modern day visit to the land of Ozz.

It’s all smoke and mirrors just to make a feeble stuttering old man appear vital and capable.

The only real difference is instead of ignore the man behind the curtain now it’s ignore the man in the basement that can barely string two sentences together


The title makes me laugh.

Joe Biden says he is considering four Black women to be his running mate

Any my favorite quote from it: “And then I’m going to have personal discussions with each of the candidates who are left and make a decision,” Biden said." Of course they’re left…

Not picking on Joe. I used to be an editor and this stuff cracks me up.

Let’s hope that the issue is a non issue.

The corruption runs deep. Trying to abolish the electoral college. Voting by mail. They will come up with other ways to retake the WH. Joe will be a puppet if American citizens decide to elect him. Look at what’s going on in democratic cities. Riots, looting, removing American history. This will one get worse if the country votes blue. America as we love and know it will be gone. Yes us few patriotic citizens will fight for the constitution. And what this great nation really is about. Sadly there is not enough of us or ammo when it comes down to it.

You realize if he gets voted in we immediately become the terrorists. We think things are dangerous now. No there will not be enough ammo.


Well aware of the ramifications of the election results. Hopefully people will wake up and vote for president Trump.

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This is so old it’s unreal. We have had how many Democrats in office with full democratic house and senate. It’s always the same fear before the election and always the same result. Anything that goes against the constitution will be thrown out by the supreme court and anything that affects law-biding citizens won’t change. Republicans have repeatedly voted to support new gun laws and we always take on the chin and back them up anyway. Reagan himself supported banning assault weapons and background checks on handguns. The radical changes are always put forward and shut down, so the less radical ones can get passed.

We know most laws don’t work but they pass them anyway. Lets be real, background checks on shotguns and rifles isn’t going to change anything for us. We all pass background checks daily. The red flag laws concern me as do the lower magazines because without due process we are all at the mercy of our closest anti-gun relative. If they pass the no larger than 20 rounds in a magazine that Biden has proposed that will hinder a lot of people but it won’t break who we are. Now banning the AR-15 that does have to be stopped. The people that could get the message out to the Nation are to busy paying for politicians.

A strong series of commercials across the nation that isn’t advertising a business and showing the average american gun owner. Would go a long way in changing the perception of who we are. There are thousands of stories of people using guns to stop the bad guys, these are the stories we need to be telling to the nation. Showing how an AR is really being used in competitions, home defense, and training. Show them that it’s an ArmaLite rifle not an assault rifle. Twice in the past month I was asked why anyone needed to use them Automatic rifles like the AR assault rifle.

A lot of people don’t know what semi-automatic is. They also don’t know that when they say more people die in mass shooting when an AR is used. It is because they are also counting a mass shooting as 4 people being shot in a home. I could use a revolver and do more damage than they have done so far with the AR if I had 100 people grouped up to shoot at. That were all running away and not toward me. No I would never shoot anyone except in self-defense.

My point is, instead of worrying about politicians who turn their backs on gun owners when ever it suits them. We need to reach America. We need to let them know the truth so politicians stop using guns as a way to get elected. Even those that convince us to support them, vote to pass the same laws against us as soon as a mass shooting happens. I say support who you like but don’t do it because they claim to be pro-gun. Trump himself has spoke out against guns multiple times and says we need stricter laws but then when he speaks to the NRA or other gun advocates he changes it. Get the NRA and other organizations to stop supporting these fools and start doing ad campaigns that shows gun owners in a different light, that is the only thing that will prevent more laws.

Blame politics if it makes you feel better but Republicans, and Democrats are using our guns as a way to make more money and get elected. They don’t support us, they don’t care what we believe or why we carry. This one votes against this or that, or they put forward some ridiculous bill that won’t even get the support of the party. They gave us two good laws in the last 40 years. Stand your Ground and The Castle Doctrine and that is the state level. The rest of the laws have been to throw us in jail for even pulling out a gun or to make it harder to buy one. Even to be able to use those laws everything else has to be done right. No politician is going to have a gun owners back after kids get shot in a school or someplace else. We need the American people and not the people who are getting rich off our support.

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American history being removed whow…? Those monuments are nothing but racist things that remind my mother and father of slavery and hatefulness hanius acts that have been done to the black people for year.and Trump is definitely insighting racisct divide and white supremacists on a daily basis