Legal passing of guns

I have a friend whose son received a firearm from his grandfather. Subsequently the grandson was convicted of alcohol and/or felony violence (not gun related). His Grandfather has since passed. What are the legal options for the firearm? Can his parents take custody of the hunting rifle? Can another family member? The grandson cannot own it, but does he have to agree to the passing of this rifle to another person?

There are a few different things that may go into play for this but the easiest way to say it is that the person who has a felony cannot own the firearm. It would be best that his parents own it if they want to keep the firearm in the family. If the person with a felony is living in the same home as their parents, I would suggest they reach out to their local law enforcement agency to check on their suggestions.

Additionally, what state is this all taking place in?

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Thanks Tim - I’ll check with local LEO to see if they have a suggestion.


What state?

Are all involved residents of that same state?

What really matters is possession, and access. The convicted felon ought not have either.