Legal means to stop a Threat

Our Country/USA, Our Constitution, and Her People
are all under constant threats due to Biden and his Administration. It is reported that Biden has been
dealing with China and other Foreign Countries.

Comments of crime and illegal activities have been
made known and Biden is very unwell.

I am not a judge, I am not a lawyer, or a government official, and I truly do not know what the charges are
and I can not blame.

People have been demanding Impeachment of the
President. I do not think people seek or desire to be under Communism or Socialism.

How do you Legally Stop this Threat ???


thirty + years ago I swore an oath to defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and DOMESTIC
it is starting to look like that time has come


Only legally stopping a threat, no weapons or abuse
can be placed on anyone. Please do not misunderstand
any comments I made and I agree with the oath
We all took when we entered the military.


That time has long passed! Soon we will be under physical assault from the invading forces! Even if we could stop the administration from going any further, their army has arrived. Sun Tzu could not have planned it any better!

We as patriots are also to blame. We knew the day he swore and lied upon the Bible, that he was evil and would unleash hell upon us. It was a slow burn, but I can feel my skin falling off as we speak!

This is not America anymore, and the sooner we realize that, the easier it will be to adapt to slavery under the new socialist dictatorship!

Banning gas stoves, dishwashers, soon we’ll be at the rive washing our clothes! Hopefully, if we wait long enough, we may see our enemies float by!

Or…the alternative!

Plant a TREE :question:


same here


Rhetorical hyperbolic, opinion of the truth!


Tomorrow may be just another date in a long bloody line of dates… the people who did this did this on purpose … they are EVIL. This situation will not solve itself…I don’t know if there will be an America anymore.


don’t give up on her
she hasn’t given up on us



As long as I have breath in my lungs I will never give up, on her (America) or US (Patriots)
Just the last little bit of time has been a hard road to tow Brother. When the TRUTH comes
out about who really is ruining this country the answer may shock some people awake !
(and that is a good thing)
No easy day’s Brother.


The only real legal and non-violent way is by voting. Despite the messes of the past couple of elections, your vote still counts. Especially in your local races.

Outside of that just make sure keep up on training to defend yourself and family, have plans, etc…


[quote=“Don102, post:9, topic:91587”]
breath in my lungs I will never give up, on her (America) or US (Patriots)
[/quote] :us:

good I’m glad :+1:
brother times will be getting tough but, I’m with you until my last breath I will fight.
even though I may not be able shoot and scoot. I can shoot, just leave me in an over watch area with me in my wheelchair and I have your back. :man_in_motorized_wheelchair:


I guess we’re all going to be on over watch, because unlike bafoons in the White House, we don’t leave people behind.


Come to election day, vote him out!

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It’s going to very difficult, the people in the administration cover each others and their own tracks. They do as they please, just look at January 6, now they’re prosecuting people and cheering it on.

The administration is like the King, Queens, and horses and bishops, while us ourselves are only pawns.

They draw us out like nothing and then later target us. I’ve talked to a few people, who’ve had friends doing time in prison because Feds came in acted friendly undercover and intervened, which is what kind of happened with the Michigan governor kidnapping plot.

They got the population fooled, and they use the mass media to discourage us.

In all honesty, we’re going to have to go with our own revolution. To go through this the legal way it would over take 200 plus years to dismantle and re-write.


… and I will have your back Sir.
We will win this thing or go down together

It is all how you choose to LIVE: “On your feet or on your knees”
We all know the answer to that one


I would NEVER leave you behind Brother ! NEVER!


he wasn’t voted in he was installed
no way in hell could he get as many votes as he did. just saying


… he wasn’t voted in he was installed

… Like a Toilet! :persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere::persevere: