Left Wing Police Chief say Every Gun

This is a good example of how certain people don’t want dialog, they want to TELL you what to believe and insult and bad mouth because you just don’t roll over… right @Steven288. As the moderators are forever telling us, not everyone is going to agree, but that’s not good enough for some!

****e leftists have one goal and it's been either carefully "couched" or when convenient shoved in our faces. I cringe when I hear gun owners use the odious phrase "gun violence". Physically impossible. You never hear "knife violence" (probably killed more human beings since the beginning of history) or tire iron violence, rock violence (massive before knives). It is and always has been about lies and propaganda and the ultimate disarming of We The People. Study the take downs of previously free nations and you will see a sickening and familiar thread in virtually every one: disarm the people...but it will be difficult to get the truth...the censors count on it. **

** But you’re not going to find it in every day “news”. Look up the Genocide Chart online produced by Jews For The Preservation of Firearms Ownership. **
** How many know that the Jewish people when Hitler took over, were forced to register their firearms? Indeed, it’s been carefully omitted in virtually every report of this eventual slaughter.**
The Gestapo knew just where to go to round them up…Dig for real truth. Firearms are the only hesitancy in government flat out, turning our nation into another North Korea.
** George Washington said:“Firearms are the liberty’s teeth.” A quote from some time back: “An armed society is a polite society.” Has anyone on here seen ANY suggestion at disarming punks, thugs and murderers? Has anyone researched the deliberate weakening of our justice system over the last 30 or so years? Does anyone realize the ATF is in the process of creating an ongoing database of every LEGAL gun owner in the nation? **
Interesting “news” report from Albuquerque last night (only second behind Alaska in violent crimes) that a repeat violent offender who killed a woman was released after ONE YEAR in prison? The criminal justice system is a sick joke, on purpose. If you’ve paid attention we now have a new supreme court “judge” who’s more concerned with rehabilitating child molesters and child porn purveyors and the hell with the children.
** You the law abiding citizen are the biggest concern for the one world order devils. George Bush Sr. during his acceptance speech when elected president said: “We must usher in the New World Order.” I watched it and heard it…just starting out understanding that our nation was already on shaky ground.**
** And please, inform yourselves of one of the most horrific attacks on American citizens in our lifetime…Waco Texas and the way those 86 men, women and children were vilified, trashed as deserving of death by the propaganda machines. The U.S. Military, law enforcement, ATF etc. all under the sitting president, William Jefferson Clinton tortured these people for 51 days! Most of these citizens were ultimately slaughtered and burned to death! What was he impeached for? Not egregiously violating our Constitution and Bill of Rights along with mass murder…he was “impeached” for messing with an intern in the Oval Office!! **
****There is an on going war on our 2nd. Amendment, on our very freedoms as American citizens. Budding dictators MUST disarm their future subjects. Thinkstrong text I’m out there? Do your homework and pay attention.


Most of my ancestors suffered under a different criminal enterprise when the papal bull was issued to torture and kill people who wouldn’t abide by that criminal enterprise’s beliefs, or when the people they tortured didn’t recant their own beliefs and cultural practices. I recently discovered that there was a female who chose torture rather than give up her beliefs and practices some time in the 16th century. As former Justice Antonin Scalia mentioned during one of his forums, it was the Catholic kings who forbade citizens the right to self defense. That was centuries ago but history repeats itself. There’s only 3 countries that have a 2nd amendment, but the U.S. is the only one that practices it. The others have subjugated their citizens for many decades to the point where they easily capitulate to their government and criminal organizations (cartels). The criminal gangs literally run those countries. You’re correct, the leftists would love to remove the right to self defense and the right to bear arms. I think they’d love to have a government similar to Mexico’s.


Because you are misunderstood. It is easier to say you are wrong than try to understand.

He said all guns without mentioning law abiding citizens. That mean us too, he doesn’t think we should have guns. I hope when he retires he doesn’t apply for his retired officer exemption for concealed carry.


He got 27 guns out of the hands of criminals in one month. I think that sets a good precedence. Unless he is taking gun from people who commit misdemeanors.