Learning to shoot a handgun red dot

I was surprised that the fix for lost dots on the DeltaPoint Micro was such a simple trick — don’t be looking for the dot, just start lining up your iron sights. The dot will arrive.

Maybe I already have a good enough presentation for a big screen dot sight to be no big deal, but I wanted to find out whether the projected dot would help with some of my visual perception challenges without dropping $1000. So I went with the sight which fits the M&P dovetail. Which led me to the lost dot in a tiny window.

If the Micro proves that a red dot works for me, the whole universe of MRDS and new guns is waiting to be considered when I head down that road.


Well, a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

I knew from a previous 150 rounds or so that accuracy was swell (once I locate the dot) at 15yd. So, Saturday things went pretty well at 3yd and 7yd — accuracy was average to good (excellent if I waited for the dot) and times were fine if I waited for the dot and about normal if I didn’t. Felt pretty confident that I now knew how to bring the dot in and could improve my time with time.
For about a dozen rounds. :astonished:

Then the DeltaPoint Micro dot ran off the rails — literally. Shooting at 7yd went from good to not good to barely on the silhouette — which was single-hand shooting and I blamed my recent slacking on one hand work. Back to two-hands, out to 15yd, slow fire — and I couldn’t stay on the backer. :skull:

Self-critique and puzzle over that for a while, and finally notice that if I line up my front sight, the red dot is not there — it’s almost out of the window high/left (while the couple shots nicking the edge of backer were far low/right). Try to rezero and the dot seems not to move until I wind it all the way to one limit and back to center — do that, and restore windage and elevation.

Fire another string — first shot at bottom of X-ring, then they walk off to the right in successive shots — off the B-8, then off the paper, then off the backer. About 10" in six shots. And dropping about two inches. Turn the dot off, and shoot the bottom of the window nestling the front sight — 6 shots group 3" to 4" at point of aim. Whatever is supposed to hold the adjuster gears inside the DeltaPoint has come unstuck after less than 200 rounds of standard pressure 9mm. Oh. Don’t know how often that might happen, but this particular red dot is less ready for EDC than I am. Return for refund.

I learned that a red dot sight picture works fine for my eyes, and helps with some of my visual perception issues. I think my next gun (or even replacement slide if I can get one) is likely to bear a MRDS. :star_struck: I will want iron backups of some sort, but I don’t think the DeltaPoint Micro will be the form factor for me.


Happy anniversary!!