Learning from Your Other Passions

Riding a motorcycle and carrying a firearm have a lot in common. One of the biggest thing I’ve found that crosses over between these two passions of mine is increased situational awareness.

When you carry, you’re always looking for people acting suspiciously. When you’re riding, you’re always watching for people who aren’t paying attention. Being able to recognize those threats in a fraction of a second can be lifesaving in both situations.

How have you found your other passions overlap with your carry lifestyle?


ABSOLUTELY! I like to be outdoors. Hunting, fishing, hiking etc. I find the ever evolving struggle of right gun, right Ammo, right time to be the driver. When woods walking, do I prefer my .45, or my .357 mag? Hollow points, or ball/hard cast ammo? Inside the waistband, or outside. Hot, or cold, or something in between weather? There’s always a firearm, ammo, knife combo with me. Sometimes, multiples of each.


Well other than firearms my other passion is fishing. You can do both outdoors, with firearms you can shoot at outdoor ranges with plenty of fresh air, same as fishing, they have rods for both, use your imagination, if your fishing rod ain’t catching nothing and there’s a school of fish in front of you a 12 gauge will work, LOL JUST KIDDING, well they have some things in common but I am passionate about both. Have a blessed day.


A couple of weeks ago I bought a motorcycle after 25 years of not riding. I can put your information to the test now Dawn :smiley:

I believe that my 3gun shooting helps with me and the way I look at layouts etc when entering buildings. Heck, even approaching my car. Exiting buildings too.


MarkinMT, what did you buy?

I agree about riding and shooting. Situational awareness, for sure. Also responsibility, being seen at as a fringe person, preparing your equipment properly for enjoyment and safety of yourself and others, having the responsibility of explaining a lot to most other people with patience and clarity. This could be a long list…


I know this is an older thread, but thought I’d weigh in on it. Photography is a great love of mine. Did weddings for a long time in FL, then in KY. Mostly a side-gig, since my field is I.T., and I love that also. The one big thing I have to be careful with is my situational awareness when out and about. To get the right image takes some real focus and decision making. This can cause you to lose track of what else may be going on around you. I fight with this one.

Hmmm. Firearms, shooting. Photography, shooting. I.T., trouble-SHOOTING. I sense a theme.


I was wondering about that when you said photography, @Fish! When I get my camera out I get tunnel vision through the lens… so I have to be very careful with that too!


Great subject!
I have found that competition archery has helped to hone my concentration, consistency ie. Form, follow through and watching that front sight.

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