Leap Day Poll

Here’s a fun Leap Day-themed (2/29) poll.

Which is a better Leap Day Gun Glock 29 or Sig P229?

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Tell us which is better and why!

Glock 29. Why? Because 10 mm! And it can take the Glock 40 magazines. 10 mm is viable for home defense, self defense, and “that bear looks hungry” defense.


Everything @45IPAC said

Plus it’s a Glock!!


As Dion Sanders once said, “Both”! They are both great platforms. I would probably go with a Glock in .45ACP just because of supply cost for ammo, but both are great weapons. I carried a Sig 229 in .357 Sig until retiring in 2003, then a Glock 23 in .40 for the Marshals Service as a contractor…both are well made, reliable, and easy to operate. Just remember to de cock that Sig!!

Because it has the word “Glock”. @Dawn silly you. :rofl:

G29 for the win.

I don’t like glocks but 10mm, I guess I could overlook my dislike of glock…

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Glock 29. Did you not watch “Miami Vice”? Drive all over Miami in a Ferrari,shooting it out with your 10 mm, live on a boat with your alligator.