LAX AMMO Store Front in Salt Lake City

LAX opened a Store Front in Salt Lake about 6 month ago, I dropped by there today and looked around. Looks to me like they are focused on bulk sales 500-5000 rounds. I went to their web site and the first thing I see is this “Are You 21 Years of Age…” banner, interesting that I didn’t see anything like it at their store.

I bought some 9mm and .380 LAX Branded stuff, I’ll see how good it works in a week or so.


I bought some 10mm and .40 from them, works as it should😎


They’re partners with Freedom Munitions, and I’ve had one round with an unseated primer…out of $6k in pre-covid priced ammo, including reloads.

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Do we fully trust these folks? I noticed they are based out of a communist state! This would be like the Ukrainians ordering rifles from Moscow!
I would place my order ( brand name only ) now, but I need to vet them first! Money is not the issue, sabotage is! The most precious commodity today, is trust!


My Kimber EVO was made in New York State and it hasn’t complained yet.


I think there’s enough out there to trust them as a retailer, but, myself, I still won’t buy or shoot reloaded ammo. Factory new only, from a major manufacturer, even if it means steel or aluminum.


LAX does load Factory New ammo as well as reloaded ammo, so there’s that option.

Yea I “Think” the ones I purchased were new, it didn’t say either way on the packaging though.