Lawsuit says hero who stopped gunman shot without warning

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I remember this story from a year ago. Great that the guy neutralized a threat. Really dumb that he picked up the perp’s rifle. Sad outcome all around.


Yea, I think about that kind of stuff. You neutralize a threat just as the police show up. What do they see, people on the ground bleeding and you standing there with a gun… That’s a tough deal.


That right there.

When shots have been fired, you absolutely do not want to have a firearm and ESPECIALLY rifle in your hands.

It’s rare for a law abiding person who is not in uniform (word uniform used loosely, since sometimes they are indistinguishable from deployed military) to have a long gun in their hands at the location of a shooting. Very rare.

If you are going to be the hero in this situation, get your gun away or out of your hands ASAP and definitely don’t pick up the rifle.