Large or XL range Bags

I’ve been a gun owner since 1990 and have been going to the range for that long. Over time I’ve accumulated additional firearms. I need to upgrade to a larger range bag, but I’m having problems finding one locally. I own and take five handguns to the range, one of which is a .357 magnum with a 6.5" barrel. I use two different calibers of ammo, usually 200 to 400 rounds and the usual gear. I’ve been looking for a bag with outer dimensions of 23"+ wide, 10"+ high and maybe 14"+ deep. Can anyone recommend a larger Range bag?


Check 5.11.
Model CAMS 3.0 186L

I love 5.11 gear. Very durable.


Maybe something on wheels or a wagon. :rofl:


I was thinking of a SASS cart for the range. It sure feels like that some days. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Have you checked the USCCA Store? Also I found a rather large one at 5.11 (they have to or three) Bought the smaller one, wish I bought the larger one in retrospect!

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I wouldn’t rely on a single bag for 5 guns with all the trimmings. I don’t think many people who frequent the range make a habit of bringing that many so the market is probably much smaller for such a large bag.

Probably a wagon or wheeled cart is what you are after, or a combination of multiple bags. Or a bag and a backpack.