LA DA promotes anti-police activist to Chief of Staff

LOS ANGELES, CA - On Friday, December 15th, progressive District Attorney George Gascón announced the promotion of Tiffiny Blacknell, a former prosecutor who will now be his Chief of Staff.

According to FOX News, in the past few years, Blacknell has called Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers “barbarians” and “an occupying army.” During the protests following the death of George Floyd, Blacknell took to X, and when referring to the LAPD as “barbarians” and “an occupying army,” she also used the hashtag #defundthepolice.

Over recent years, Blacknell has served in the district attorney’s office as a grade four prosecutor, special advisor, and chief of communications. Her new role is set to start on January 16, 2024.

In another previous post on X, Blacknell said that “prison is obsolete” and the proceeded to call on the American people to "reimagine America without it. She wrote, “Angela Davis said it years ago. Prisons disappear problems, they don’t solve them. We’ve been warehousing people for a generation and it’s time to free America.”

She also posted a picture of herself wearing a shirt that read, “the police are trained to kill us.” In May 2020, when cities across the country were plagued by looting, she wrote that she herself was a lotter during the 1992 Rodney King riots.

She wrote in the post, “I was a ‘looter’ in 1992. I was 15. I was furious, sad, and scared. I had no way to process my emotions about the murder of Latasha Harlins or the beating of Rodney King. So we went out and we watched our city burn. And when the opportunity arose, we took some [expletive].”

She added, “So please don’t come on my page complaining about prosecutors or looters. Don’t text me (expletive) about the Whole Foods in West Hollywood and your beloved Santa Monica. My whole community was level. Cry me a river! NORDSTROMS WILL BE OK. All this respectability by Black folks and complaining by Westside white liberals is maddening.”

Blacknell faced heavy criticism and backlash in 2020 when she gave a “sweetheart” plea deal to her defendant after going behind the backs of the prosecutor and the victim’s family in a gang murder case.

According to the Daily Mail, Gascón’s promotion of Blacknell is unsurprising. In May, he was accused of letting 10,000 cases pile up and his “toxic” boss environment drove scores of prosecutors to quit. All of this was during a time when crime continued to rise and residents were afraid of leaving their homes.

Multiple sources who have worked with the DA described him as an “authoritarian” who drove talent away, demoted top lawyers, and fought with anyone who had opposing views.

One former LA prosecutor said that Gascón’s “woke” policies have caused public district as the DA continues to give out generous plea deals, letting criminals get out of jail without serving any real time or in some cases, crimes are not being prosecuted at all.


Shocking! Not shocking.

Elections – especially for local government officials – have consequences.

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Best solution, when she dials 911 for emergency assistance, HANG UP :exclamation: