Know Your Rights


n a quick study this morning, I realized I’ve been in need of a review…

When approached, questioned, detained, searched, arrested, or all of them by law enforcement, you should know your rights. I know we all have a basic understanding, but it won’t hurt to review these rights you have as an American Citizen. Even Non-Citizens have rights, but having and knowing them are two separate things.

-The Bill of Rights.
-The Fourth Amendment.
-Miranda Rights.
-Know what probable cause is as well as reasonable suspicion.

While Carrying a Firearm:
-Guarantees of the right to bear arms.
-Have a USCCA Reciprocity Map Available.
-Know laws on transporting firearms in each state you go through in your travels.
-Never resist arrest (This source proclaimed the right to resist unlawful arrest and even gave a case to back theirs. claim BUT, I don’t recommend you to do that because it could result in more criminal charges, bodily harm, or even death if you try to harm the peace officer. Allow your attorney to correct unlawful arrest and any wrongdoing by prosecutors or police. By following this request your charges may be thrown out).

While In Public:
-Study ACLU guide on stopped by law enforcement.
-Can you swear at police lawfully? (Although you have freedom of speech it does not protect threats and some states such as mine may even charge you with *disorderly conduct or something to that effect if you get out of hand in the public.
-Study and know what a PEACEFUL protest is.

While in your motor vehicle:
-Be aware of your Fourth Amendment
-Refer back to probable cause and reasonable suspicion.

At your home:
-You don’t have to allow the police inside (They actually recommend not letting them in, but they can come in my home as well as get a cup of coffee to go if they so wish. Nothing to hide)/
-Asses why they are at your residence with courtesy (Behind of in front of the door…your choice and your right).



Thank you for that excellent information. I just have one nit to pick…
I will NOT peruse any information produced by the Anti-Christian Lawyers’Union.
Thanks and Stay Safe,
Hank S.


I will NOT peruse any information produced by the Anti-Christian Lawyers’Union.

They’ve done excellent job keeping drug-dealers, bangers, terrorists out of prison. It is a mistake for a law-abiding citizen to reject such a resource.

With luck, you may even have congresspeople and senators apologizing to you and awarding you money. :slight_smile:


Thanks Henry!

While I’m with you because our Lord Jesus is first in my life. However, being in college even tough it’s a Conservative Christian college, we still have to use outside sources other than Christian.

I just happend to find that while reaching for my final essay.

Randall W. Anderson