"Knot" your every-day self-defense and survival training

There are a lot of aspects of self-defense that don’t include shooting a firearm. Surviving an attack may lead to injuries (first aid training) or escaping (situational awareness training) or locking a location (locks or other ways to secure something closed).

Knots are incredibly useful in first aid, securing things closed, and for countless other applications. Knowing how to tie the appropriate knot can be life-saving.

Check out this fun website to help you learn how to tie the knot you need:

Which knots do you already know?

image image image image image image

_All photos from https://www.animatedknots.com/complete-knot-list_


Taught line, half hitch, timber hitch, sheep shank, square lashing, sheer lashing, tripod lashing…btw, the diagonal lashing pictured looks like it needs another frap (I only see one)…:grin:

Hey, I’m a Scoutmaster…What do you expect?:cowboy_hat_face:


There’s a whole section for scouting knots on that website, @JamesR! (I learned a bunch of knots in Girl Scouts too :wink: )


If you can’t tie a knot tie a lot.

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The “Poacher’s Knot” is probably the one I use the most, yet I never knew the name. My Grandfather was a sailor before settling in the U.S. so I had a good teacher for learning knots but he would always reference them by task rather than any proper names.

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I have forgotten more than I remember! Time in fire department we used a lot and also in the SO when on the river unit. Like so many things, they come naturally until you stop using them.


You know it’s funny but I’m the same way. Being a former Boy Scout and Army Ranger as well as having done a lot of cowboying I can’t remember the names of half of the knots I’ve learned to tie over the years but I can still tie most of those I’ve learned over the years.

A very useful knot I don’t know the name of other than calling it a “Lumber Yard hitch” enables you to use a rope to pull itself extremely taught similar to a ratchet strap.

Loop the rope over something you want to tie to or to apply serious pressure to and simply reach up with one hand and pull a loop through an overhand knot, then run the tail through it encircling the “body”.

Pull the tail until you have the desired tension and simply secure it then with a half hitch or slip knot.