Knife and Fork Must Be Banned

Oklahoma’s “spécialité de la maison”?

Nice guy…

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What we need here is some common sense utensile control.


Those forkin’ knives are real trouble…and don’t even think about spoonin’ nuthin’.


Not just banning forks and knives but the victim’s family should sue Chicago Cutlery for making knives capable of cutting through human skin. How irresponsible… LOL


Not to mention the companies and individuals who mined the ore and cut the timber to make them. Shame. SHAME!

And did you hear that Mr. Potato Head lost his title. There’s no pill for this kind of stupid, truly.

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“It’s a potato,” said Ali Mierzejewski, editor in chief at toy review site The Toy Insider. “But kids like to see themselves in the toys they are playing with.”

Should be a case study for medical students with psychiatric specialization.

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The government will need to appropriate 3 million dollars to study it.

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The eyes have it…

It probably peeled out of the parking lot when it got the news…

How will Mrs. Potato Head take it…or did she also move to the center?

Will their kids be fries or tots?

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Stories like this really put us over the edge! :joy::crazy_face::woozy_face:
Let’s just ban the banners!

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Campbell’s Soup stock will plummet :grinning:

Jeez now I’ll never know what gender my potatoes are. What shall I call it? Should I ask it? Don’t wish to offend them. Spud, tater, I’m sure it’s racist. Potato lives matter. Defund the fryers.


Read Instruction Manual Before Using Cutlery

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Don’t think it’s not being tried…

UK judge calls for ban on pointed kitchen knives to reduce stabbing deaths

Fortune: One Approach to the U.K.’s Stabbing Epidemic: Stop Selling Knives

England weapons scheme offers cash for zombie knives and knuckledusters


What’s interesting is that I’ve listened to a couple Jordan Peterson interviews from within the last 3 years and a lot of this stuff has been studied. I would speculate that the MSM and Libs just don’t like what the data says as it goes against their narrative. Give him a listen on YouTube if you have time. Joe Rogan had a very good interview with him and there’s another one where a Liberal reporter from GQ interviews him.

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Interesting reading Scotty. Just more idiotic with some of the horse___t they come up with.

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Guns are civilization. Progs want to undo civilization all the way to digging stick and stone axe. These implements have 0 carbon footprint, and cultures that used them were noble and wise

…and not here anymore.

isnt that good for Mother Earth? Ask a prog.

I am thankful it is voluntary at this point.