Kimber Micro 9 Black Ice

I run a low end (read no frills) Kimber Micro 9. I love it. The new Black Ice Micro 9 that is advertised a LOT has caught my eye. Wife says no. Wondering if anyone has shot the Black Ice that can help me explain why I need to upgrade?


'Cause, new gun!


Your wife is a wise woman :+1:


“no frills” means no frills. Keep this that way.


How many guns do you need? The normal answer I hear is n+1 where n is the current number of guns you currently own.

Having a second gun is never a bad idea. In the worst-case scenario (you’ve had to defend yourself physically), your carry gun will be confiscated as evidence until the investigation is concluded.

How accurate are you with your Kimber Micro 9? Would you be more accurate (and therefore hopefully have less risk of missing in a self-defense incident) with the Black Ice?

Does your wife shoot too? If not, now is the time to get her involved. :smiley:

I guess there is one time when buying a second gun is a bad idea - when you’d have to use money budgeted for necessities (food/shelter) to purchase a gun. And even then, it would be a balancing act… (safety vs. food/shelter - can the budget be trimmed to help you protect yourself in the long run?) :woman_shrugging:


You just reminded me I need another gun!!! :scream::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


You mean “more”.:grinning:

Don’t go blaming me, @Scoutbob! LOL!!